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Subscription - business model that shapes the market

Subscription - business model that shapes the market

Buying products is connected with high one-time investment expense and often results in additional costs, such as service fees. It should not surprise anybody that currently, on Western markets the subscription successively replaces traditional solutions. In Poland it can also be noticed that this model forms a constantly developing branch of the market. 

Using a mobile phone, a laptop, accessing a music streaming service or film subscription have become commonly accessible and constitute one of basic ways of making purchases following the subscription model. Interestingly enough, the market offers more and more new suggestions for products purchased or shared as subscription, such as for example Nike shoes. American manufacturer has decided to introduce the possibility to buy footwear upon subscription. While choosing this service we can enjoy a new pair of shoes delivered every month and keep the old one if we like it or return without any additional costs. Another example of an interesting solution introducing a product within the subscription model is Nespresso coffee. The amateurs of coffee have the opportunity to choose coffee plan depending on how much coffee they drink, and the more they consume, the higher the possibility for them to get their favourite coffee flavours delivered free of charge. Humankind, a New York company, also offers a creative and at the same time eco-friendly solution. It contributes to reducing and eliminating the use of plastic by the cosmetic industry. Reusable packaging is offered and within the subscription, new cosmetics will be delivered when a user runs out of them. As we can see, there are numerous possibilities, so what about making living plants accessible on similar conditions?

Renting plants for office spaces

In order to address the needs of our clients, we have prepared the introduction of living plants to offices following the subscription model. Even if the concept is quite fresh, we see that people’s demand to come back to nature is constantly growing and the flexibility that the subscription model offers is often what the business client expects. Dynamic development of construction and industry contributes to minimizing the surface of greenery and makes the quality of the air deteriorate. Noticing this trend makes us convinced that in the nearest future everyone will want to have some nature present in their interior, as it has a positive influence on human health and development and at the same time does not require any effort. Would you like to have beautiful plants to decorate your office, but you do not have enough time to take care of them? Or maybe you would like to introduce plants to your interior but you are not sure whether they will match it and buying them can be too risky? Now it is possible thanks to our subscription service. 

How does it work? 

Our service works in a very simple way. You choose the plan and we adjust greenery design matching your space best. You have the possibility to choose how much greenery you want depending on the prepared subscription plan. The plants introduced represent the vertical style familiar to us – based on the use of green walls with automatized irrigation system. You need a wall for your desk, a mobile, suspended or versatile one? It is up to you. Monthly subscription fee includes delivery, easy and fast installation as well as comprehensive technical and care service which will ensure the efficiency and attractive look of the plants.

What do you get?

Using our service is easy and brings numerous benefits. Here are some of them:


  • Easy start – office greenery design adjusted to your needs, budget and expectations, together with fast implementation
  • Cost-saving – subscription fee adjusted to your budget instead of costly projects
  • Problem-free maintenance – within the subscription you receive care and technical service and do not have to worry about the plants
  • Flexibility – you have the possibility to choose another package or resign from the service any time, respecting 1-month notice period
  • What is more, greenery used in interiors brings numerous health benefits. It influences in particular:
  • Increased comfort at work – office greenery has a positive influence on the mood and creativity
  • Reduced tension and stress level
  • Improved acoustics, air humidity and quality


Green technology

Our solutions perfectly match the assumptions of green technology. It aims in particular at ensuring clean air, water and energy, which constitutes the answer to growing climate change issues, depletion of natural resources and urbanization. Green furniture is supported by the IoT technology, which makes it possible to achieve a higher level of efficiency, security and user comfort, so it automatically adjusts control settings to the parameters obtained. Vertical gardens save the space and contribute to improved acoustics, stabilized temperature in the interiors, air humidification and its higher quality among others thanks to absorbing harmful substances. We refer to automatic control and irrigation in order to minimize water consumption and LED assimilation light used as additional illumination for the plants constitutes an energy-saving solution. 


Caring for the environment 

With the environment in mind, we aim at providing exclusively eco-friendly products. We promote their circulation within the subscription model, thanks to which we find new homes for our plants and products, at the same time reducing the production and consumption of resources, thus limiting the quantity of waste produced. Apart from this, the material used while manufacturing the modules for plants comes from recycling, so we also contribute to reducing the production of new plastic. 

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