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4Nature Basic - new products dedicated to offices

4Nature Basic - NOWE produkty dedykowane do biur

The trend of biophilia in office spaces is currently very trendy. But is it enough to place a wallpaper with a floral pattern to create comfortable working conditions?  Such decorative elements certainly bring people closer to nature but they will never provide the full beneficial effect of direct contact with live vegetation.  Plants used in offices have a positive effect on work comfort - among others they moisturise and purify the air as well as improve room acoustics. Direct contact with live vegetation has a soothing effect on humans, reducing stress and improving well-being.

4Nature Basic is a new line of finished products created by the 4Nature System - Wertykalni adjusted to the needs of office workers. It is characterised by simplicity and functionality. In the 4Nature Basic stands, the proprietary technology of the 4Nature System vertical plant cultivation is enclosed in the LOFT-style aluminium frame. The product is a perfect solution introducing nature to offices where there is no space for a large green wall. From among the 6 options and 9 sizes available, there are 4Nature Basic models to choose that fit into the free space of the office, without the need to change the space arrangement. Stands can be used as walls dividing open space or as mobile sliding walls. Racks with plants can be set on cabinets, or hung on the wall optimally using free space. All products from the 4Nature Basic line fulfil the function of a natural acoustic panel which not only soundproofs the space, but also improves the air quality by its humidification and cleaning.

4Nature Basic is based on the proprietary 4Nature System technology which is during the patent procedure. The technology combines air purifying plants into a system that is automatically controlled and irrigated. Thanks to this, the maintenance is simple and the plant care is limited to a minimum. Green walls and products with 4Nature System technology are characterised by long-term durability and are conducive to reducing maintenance costs. 

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