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25 01.2021

Amstel King - a free-standing bookcase with the possibility of joining

Amstel King - a free-standing bookcase with the possibility of joining

News on the progress of works on our 4Nature Smart Green collection of vertical furniture. We are happy to present another piece of the collection: a prototype of a free-standing bookcase with a graceful name Amstel King.

According to the adopted key, we named the piece of furniture in honour of one of our favourite plants - the ficus variety with oblong narrow and shiny leaves. The slender, higher than two metres, structure made of perforated profiles has been designed so that it can be joined together. Interchangeable items of equipment, selected at the discretion, will create a set tailored to the needs of a specific space.

The basis are, of course, modules with live plants, but Amstel King offers a lot of modification possibilities. If you want to have a bookcase with a storage function, it is worth choosing shelves and cabinets; in turn, when you want a free-standing partition that will separate the space, acoustic and decorative panels will be perfect in addition to plants. There is nothing to prevent from combining both of these functions and using all these items in one piece of furniture.


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