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Level 27 club

level 27 club

  • Investment: Level 27 Club.

  • City: Warsaw

  • Zone: lobby

  • Year: 2015

  • Area: 10m2

The design for Level 27 Club is quite different from our previous projects. It was the first project of this type in the entertainment industry which refers to the industrial interior style. We have developed a design of two green walls made of forest moss, against which the logo of the Warsaw Level 27 Club has been exposed. The total area of both structures is about 10 m2. The first one is a narrow and long panel with a logotype made of a copper pipe, which is hung just behind the bar. The smaller composition (1.55m2) took the traditional form of a rectangle in a copper frame. The colours of precious copper and green moss complement one another and create a unique, very characteristic composition. This creates an extraordinary atmosphere of the place which stands out from other places and attracts the attention of Guests.


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