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Together we can do more

We firmly believe that plants have a beneficial effect on our mood and foster wellness. We also believe that plants make interiors more lively and beautiful. Our mission is to green up spaces where vegetation is particularly scarce - the nearest surroundings of working people. Our solution to an unfriendly work environment are vertical gardens that can turn offices into stylish, eco-friendly and harmonious space. Vertical gardens make employees feel more comfortable and relaxed in the workplace; plus, there's the added benefit of cleaner air, reduced stress levels and more positive emotions. Still, we are aware that alone we cannot do as much as we can do together. That's why we are on the lookout for reliable partners whose goals coincide with ours.


Who do we work with?


Architects of office and commercial interiors


Architectural offices




Building administrators and managers


HR departments


Studios offering fit-out projects, i.e. comprehensive preparation of space for the needs of tenants


People who decide about interior design in offices



We work with architects, representatives of architectural offices and interior design studios that use walls of living plants and stabilised mosses and lichens in their projects. Working with Wertykalni.pl will offer you the comfort of being able to realise any ideas relating to vertical gardens. Accordingly, you will be able to offer clients a comprehensive service - not only intriguing designs, but also their professional execution and, if desired, a full post-implementation service.

The second group of people we see as potential partners with regard to the implementation of vertical gardens in offices and commercial spaces are the decision-makers. We are motivated to expand our network of service recipients - regardless of their area of operation. We know that smaller and larger companies have people who care about appearance.

The comfort, well-being and, ultimately, the employees' productivity depend on how the office looks. The appearance of residential buildings, halls, galleries and other interiors greatly influences the daily lives of the people who use them. Living plants are the only organisms that can humidify and purify the air and provide us with the oxygen we need to live.

We want the people responsible for shaping the space at its foundation - including developers or building administrators - to appreciate plants and their aesthetic and therapeutic functions. If we do, together, we can make a difference.

Individual terms of cooperation


We approach each customer individually, also adapting the terms and conditions of cooperation to the specific case. We want to organise a network of talented, energetic people to ensure that greenery does not disappear for good from office and commercial spaces. We wish to meet and talk to each of these people, thoroughly discuss the ideas that motivate us, identify shared values, and finally reflect on how we can change the world for the better. The terms and conditions of possible cooperation will be prepared and discussed separately with each individual.

What do we guarantee?


It's years since we started implementing vertical gardens indoors. Our vertical garden designs are always tailored to the interior itself and its users. We try to find the best solutions for each project and we follow the same principle in our business relations. Our company is an experienced and reliable partner with whom you can achieve real and palpable advantages.

We can guarantee favourable terms of cooperation according to the highest business standards. We value professionals who know their expectations and seek long-term partnership. We wish to grow and we are looking for individuals who are prepared to grow with us. The sharing of knowledge and experience and the expansion of our network of partners is an essential prerequisite for greening up office, commercial and residential spaces. Let's bring our surroundings to life!

Contact us

If you want to work together on introducing vegetation where there is no space for it in theory, please contact our company

Contact us email (info@4naturesystem.com)
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