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Moss on the wall - green walls with decorative moss.

Green moss wall - 4Nature Moss - is a designer, vertical decoration that is created from stabilized moss, attached to a properly prepared, flat surface. Moss panels can be installed directly on the wall or on a special substructure. 4Nature Moss is a companion to beautiful, durable greenery that requires no maintenance.

As 4Nature System, we offer comprehensive implementation of decorations using stabilized mosses and lichens. We design moss walls tailored to the needs and preferences of our clients. Moss panels are delivered to the agreed-upon location, and we conduct the entire installation process.


Hawthorn on wall - the greatest advantages of 4Nature Moss

Bezobsługowość: zero pielęgnacji i konieczności doświetlania

Maintenance-free: no care or lighting required

Szeroka gama kolorystyczna

Wide range of colours

Poprawa akustyki wnętrza

Improved interior acoustics

Weloletnia trwałość

Long-term durability

Możliwość aranżacji na wymiar (min. 10m.kw)

Possibility of tailor-made arrangements (min. 10m.kw)

100% naturalne i biodegradowalne

100% natural and biodegradable

Uczta dla zmysłów i pozytywny wpływ na samopoczucie

A feast for the senses and a positive effect on wellbeing

Ręczne wykonanie


Oszczędność przestrzeni użytkowej

Saving floor space

ściany z mchu

How are green moss walls created?

The secret of green walls made of moss lies in the plant stabilization process. First, healthy, well-developed specimens are manually collected, and then they are immersed in a special solution with glycerin. Precise processing ensures that they retain all their properties - from color and shape to texture - for many years.

You can attach the ready-made panel yourself in a chosen location or opt for professional installation. It's advisable to decide in advance where exactly you want to place the 4Nature Moss on the wall. We manufacture the board and the installation according to the specified dimensions, in any (not necessarily rectangular) shape. For the arrangement, we use various types and shades of moss, allowing us to create smooth surfaces or three-dimensional patterns. Upon request, we enhance the compositions by incorporating stabilized ferns and grass.

Realisation of the green moss wall order

In addition to full-size green walls made of decorative moss, we also create panels featuring company logos. Our only requirement is a minimum area, as for 4Nature Moss, the lower limit for accepting orders is 10 m2. We undertake both standard and non-standard orders, always paying attention to every detail and aiming to create a realization with a unique character. We work exclusively with fresh, high-quality materials, allowing us to deliver a final product of premium quality. The completion is ready approximately 4-5 weeks after the down payment. Once installed, leave the moss on the walls to itself, and then simply enjoy its company and admire its enduring qualities.



no care and no need for lighting

A moss wall is the perfect solution for anyone who doesn't have a 'green thumb' or lacks the time, resources, or simply the desire to take care of live greenery. This specific plant material doesn't require access to sunlight or any maintenance rituals. They should not be watered, sprayed, pruned, or fertilized. In other words, moss green walls are absolutely self-sufficient. You can leave your home or office for several months, and upon your return, the decoration will remain unchanged.



long-lasting durability

The decorative moss for the wall, 4Nature Moss, is characterized by long-lasting durability. Providing it with proper humidity (minimum 40%) will reward you with an unchanged appearance for a long time.

Green walls made of stabilized moss do not wither, dry out, age, or get sick. They do not change their scent or color, and they even do not lose their softness. By investing once, you gain a long-lasting, original decorative accent for your home, office, or premises.

zielone ściany z mchu
zielone ściany z mchu

Improved well-being and health

Positive effects on the soul and body

The moss for the wall is a natural, antistatic material that is completely safe for people and animals. Its presence is welcomed both for small children and allergy sufferers. Excess dust does not settle on the moss, and green decorations are resistant to mold, microorganisms, fungi, or insects. The presence of vegetation relaxes and calms - just the sight of greenery effectively soothes the nerves and allows the racing thoughts to settle. Moss on the wall is not only a feast for the eyes but also for other senses, including touch, thanks to its pleasant, soft texture.

Decorative qualities

Unique, stylish and exclusive design

Green moss walls are an aesthetic, original solution that will transform any interior. 4Nature Moss will work literally everywhere, regardless of the style, although it complements modern spaces best, finished with natural materials, from wood to stone. Importantly, reindeer moss comes in a wide range of colors. The available color palette inspires the creation of unique decorations.

Saving space

Saving space

Moss walls are custom-arranged, filling the available space perfectly. Mounting the panels vertically allows saving valuable floor space, and occupants can enjoy the company of greenery in the form of moss and lichens throughout the year.


Improved acoustics

Improved interior acoustics

Green moss on the wall by 4Nature Moss has a perfect impact on the acoustics of a given interior, soundproofing it and dampening unnecessary noise. The moss on the wall absorbs sound waves and makes everything inside the decorated space more audible, while outside, distracting sounds are not as easily heard. At the same time, what happens inside doesn't easily escape beyond the separated space. That's why a green moss wall is perfect for a conference room, bedroom, or any other space where freedom and discretion are valued.

ściany z mchu - optymalne wykorzystanie przestrzeni

Forest moss or weed?


At 4Nature System, we offer vertical gardens made of mosses and lichens. We use two types of forest moss: flat and clump (spongy, cushion-like), arranging them in flat and convex surfaces, as well as patterns, graphics, or logos. Since both types of wall moss are extremely flexible, we can create vertical gardens in any shape and place them on walls and ceilings.


While flat moss resembles flattened forest bedding, clump moss forms semi-circular, soft bulges. In our offer, we have both wall panels covered entirely with a chosen type of moss (either 100% flat or 100% clump version) and mixed panels. You can order a vertical garden with a mix of clump moss in 30, 50, or 70% coverage. We distribute the compositions evenly or, according to your preferences, arrange less or more densely packed sections.

Forest moss

mech na ścianie - mech leśny


A tempting alternative to decorating with forest moss is reindeer lichen on the wall. This stabilized, spongy lichen has properties very similar to moss. What sets it apart is a wide range of colors. In nature, reindeer lichen has a gray color, but after coloring, it can take on various shades, from vibrant green, through pink and red, to blue or navy. In 4Nature System, we import reindeer lichen on the wall from Scandinavia, where it is cultivated, harvested, stabilized, and then imported to Poland.

ściany z mchu - chrobotek
gdzie się sprawdzi ściana z mchu

Where will a moss wall work?

Moss on the wall will work wherever it's worth introducing a bit of greenery: in private apartments, offices, restaurants, hotels, waiting rooms, service points, and all kinds of commercial spaces, from shopping galleries to SPA zones.

The only two requirements are a section of free wall space and the appropriate level of humidity (40-80%) - this is necessary to maintain the vibrant color, structure, and softness of the moss. Since the humidity in most homes is in the range of 40-60%, this is not a difficult condition to meet. It's worth noting that this range is the most favorable for our well-being and health. With optimal humidity, it's enough not to expose the moss wall to experimentation and keep it away from radiators, air conditioning, or direct sunlight.

Contact us


We set the lead time individually depending on the size, complexity and location of the project. The average time for a 4Nature Moss implementation is 6-8 weeks.
Przyjęcia zamówienia oraz rezerwacji terminu dokonujemy w momencie podpisania umowy oraz zaksięgowania wpłaty 1 raty (w wys. 50% wartości inwestycji).

We prepare individual quotations due to the cost of dedicated componentsós for each individual customer.
To prepare a cost estimate, we need the following information:

  • Dimensions of the green wall (width x height)
  • Parameters of the wall where the installation will take place (height x width, thickness, type, e.g., whether the wall is made of solid brick)
  • Optionally, please provide photos of the wall, visualizations, and/or technical drawings in jpg/png/pdf/dwg format
  • Investment address (location)
  • Expected completion date

Moss is a stabilised plant and requires no extra care. It is anti-static and requires no cleaning or vacuuming. Once installed, moss panels will last for years.

Conditions: Requires no light or care, pruning or watering. It only needs adequate humidity of at least 40% and a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight, air-conditioning, radiators or water.

We accept orders for moss projects with a total area of more than 10m2.

The guarantee for the green moss walls is 12 months, provided that the relevant conditions specified in the annex to the contract are met.

In order to smoothly carry out the installation on the wall where the Project is planned, all mouldings, electrical sockets, etc. within the contour of the projected green wall should be removed. The wall on which the installation is to take place should be dry. Please note that the installation of our green walls should be carried out at the final stage of the Investment, among other things due to the risk of settling of renovation dust.

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