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4Nature Moss - green moss walls

4Nature Moss - a green moss wall is a vertical design decoration that is created by gluing stabilised moss to a properly prepared flat surface. Moss panels can be mounted directly to the wall or to a special substructure. 4Nature Moss is a company of beautiful permanent greenery, requiring no maintenance in return. If you are looking for unique modern interior solutions and like being accompanied by greenery, and at the same time you have no time or energy for care treatments, decorative moss wall is a solution just for you.

As 4Nature System, we offer a comprehensive implementation of decorations with the use of stabilised mosses and lichens.
We design custom moss walls, adapting to the needs and preferences of customers. We deliver moss panels to the agreed place and conduct complete installation.

How are green moss walls made?

The secret of green moss walls lies in the process of plant stabilisation. First, healthy well-developed specimens are hand-picked, and then immersed in the special solution with glycerin.

Precise processing makes them retain all of their properties - from colour, through shape, to texture - for many years. They do not grow, but neither do they die - as if they were stopped in time. Thanks to this, the moss wall looks perfect without the need for watering, spraying or lighting.

Interesting decorative arrangements, green moss walls, can be made from stabilised forest moss or reindeer lichen.

mech na ścianie
ściany z mchu

Such a prepared panel can be installed in a selected place by yourself with assembly adhesive, or you can use a professional service. What is important, it is worth deciding in advance where exactly you want to place 4Nature Moss. The board and the installation are made according to the given dimensions, in any (not necessarily rectangular) shape. Custom tailor-made projects perfectly fit into the selected space.

In our arrangements we use various types and shades of moss which allow us to create smooth surfaces or three-dimensional patterns. On request, we diversify the compositions, adding stabilised ferns and grasses.

Implementation of the order of a green moss wall

In addition to full-size walls, we also make panels with the company logo. Our only condition is the minimum area because in the case of 4Nature Moss, the lower limit from which we accept orders is 10 m2.We fulfill both standard and non-standard orders, always taking care of every detail and trying to create a unique project. We work only with fresh high-quality materials which allows us to deliver the final product of premium quality. The project is completed after approx. 4-5 weeks from the advance payment date. Just install moss on the wall, enjoy its company and admire the constant values.

Największe zalety 4Nature Moss


Bezobsługowość: zero pielęgnacji i konieczności doświetlania

Bezobsługowość: zero pielęgnacji i konieczności doświetlania

Wide range of colours

Wide range of colours

Improvement of the interior acoustics

Improvement of the interior acoustics

Weloletnia trwałość

Long-term durability

Możliwość aranżacji na wymiar (min. 10m.kw)

Provides the possibility of being arranged to size (min. 10sqm)

100% naturalne i biodegradowalne

100% natural and biodegradable

Feast for the senses and a positive effect on well-being

Feast for the senses and a positive effect on well-being

Ręczne wykonanie


Oszczędność przestrzeni użytkowej

Space - saving

Antystatyczny materiał bezpieczny dla zdrowia ludzi i zwierząt

Of antistatic material safe for both people and animals

Unique stylish and exclusive design

Unique stylish and exclusive design



A moss wall is a perfect solution for anyone who does not have 'green fingers', does not have time, resources or just does not want to take care of live greenery. Unlike traditional house plants, stabilised mosses and lichens are maintenance-free. This specific plant material does not require sunlight or any maintenance rituals, not even dust cleaning. They must not be watered, sprinkled, trimmed or fertilised, not to mention cleaning up falling leaves, fighting pests or replacing sick specimens. In short, green moss walls are completely self-sustaining. You can leave your apartment or office for a few months, and the condition of the decorations will not be changed after your return.

zielone ściany z mchu
mech na ścianę


4Nature Moss is characterised by long-term durability. As long as adequate humidity (in fact, room conditions) is provided and the moss wall will not be disturbed too much, e.g. by exposure to direct sun, it will repay with an unchanged appearance for a long time (at least 8 years).

Green walls made of stabilised moss do not wither, dry out, age or get sick; they do not change their smell or colour, and do not even lose their softness. Invest once and you will have a long-lasting original decorative element in your house, office or premise.

Better well-being and health

Reindeer lichen on the wall is a natural antistatic material that is completely safe for humans and animals. Its company is good both for young children and allergy sufferers (antiallergic glycerin is used in the stabilisation process). No excess dust settles on the moss; green decorations are resistant to mould, microorganisms, fungi and insects. In addition, moss walls have a positive effect on our well-being. The presence of plants, also the stabilised ones, relaxes and calms down - the mere view of greenery soothes effectively the nerves and allows to calm the race of thoughts. No wonder that one of the leading trends in interior design is biophilic design which aims to restore the lost bond with nature also in closed rooms. The moss wall is not only a feast for the eyes, but also for other senses, including touch, due to the pleasant soft texture.

ściana z mchu
mech na ścianie - walory dekoracyjne

Decorative qualities

Green moss walls are an aesthetic original solution that changes every interior. 4Nature Moss will suit literally everywhere, regardless of the style, and it will best complement modern rooms finished with natural materials, from wood to stone.

Importantly, the reindeer lichen is available in a wide range of colours. The available colour palette inspires the creation of original decorations. In the interior it effectively enlivens the space adding it some energy and style.

Optimal use of space

Moss walls are custom-arranged, so they perfectly fill the free space. Mounting the panels vertically saves valuable usable space, and people who are inside can enjoy the company of greenery in the form of mosses and lichens all year round.

ściany z mchu - optymalne wykorzystanie przestrzeni
mech na ściane - lepsza akustyka

Better acoustics

4Nature Moss has a great impact on the acoustics of a given interior, dampening it and suppressing unnecessary noise. The moss on the wall absorbs sound waves and makes it easier to hear everything inside the decorated room, but it does not receive annoying distracting sounds from the outside. At the same time, what happens inside does not pass so easily outside the separated space. That is why a green moss wall is perfect for a conference room, bedroom, bathroom or any other room where freedom and discretion are appreciated.

Ecology and naturalness

Our moss walls not only fulfill the demands of biophilia, inviting nature into the interior, but also constitute an eco-decoration in the spirit of less waste. Environmentally-friendly substances are already used at the stabilisation stage, and the reindeer lichen is coloured with natural pigments. Instead of plastic trinkets that will litter the environment for generations, it is much better to choose a natural long-lasting, and at the same time biodegradable interior decoration.

ściana z mchu - ekologia i naturalność

Forest moss or reindeer lichen?


At 4Nature System, we offer vertical gardens made of mosses and lichens. We use two types of forest moss: flat and pole (i.e. spongy, cushion), arranging them in flat, convex and concave surfaces, as well as patterns, graphics and logotypes. Since both types of moss are extremely flexible, we can use them to create vertical gardens of any shape and place them on walls and ceilings.


While flat moss resembles a flattened forest litter, the pole moss is arranged in semi-circular soft bulges. We offer both panels fully covered with a selected type of moss (i.e. 100% flat or 100% pole version), as well as mixed panels. We also offer a vertical garden with 30, 50 or 70% addition of pole moss. We spread the compositions evenly or, on request, arrange more or less dense pieces.

Forest moss

mech na ścianie - mech leśny

Reindeer lichen

Reindeer lichen on the wall is a tempting alternative to decorations made of forest moss. The stabilised spongy lichen has properties very similar to moss. It is distinguished by a wide range of colours and a non-flammability certificate. In nature, reindeer lichen is grey but after colouration it can take various shades, from rich green, through pink and red, to blue or navy blue. At 4Nature System we obtain reindeer lichen from Scandinavia where it is grown, harvested and stabilised, and then imported to Poland.

ściany z mchu - chrobotek
gdzie się sprawdzi ściana z mchu

Where will a moss wall be perfect?

The moss wall will be perfect wherever it is worth smuggling some greenery: in private apartments, offices, restaurants, hotels, waiting rooms, service points and all kinds of commercial spaces, from shopping centres to SPA zones.

The only two requirements are some free space on the wall for installation of the panel, as well as an appropriate level of humidity (40-80%) - this is necessary to maintain the vivid colour, structure and softness of the moss. Since humidity in most apartments is of 40-60%, this is not a difficult condition to meet. It is worth noting that such a range of humidity is the most beneficial for our well-being and health. With optimal humidity, it is enough not to put the moss wall to the test and keep it away from radiators, air conditioning or direct sunlight.

Product configurator

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Ogród wertykalny - konfigurator

Frequently Asked Questions

The completion date is set individually depending on the size, complexity and location of the project. The average time for implementation of the 4Nature Moss project is 6-8 weeks.
The order is accepted and the completion date is confirmed after signing the agreement and receiving the payment of one instalment ( 50% of the investment value).

Due to the cost of dedicated components individual pricing is prepared for each customer separately.
In order to prepare the cost estimate, we need the following information:

  • Green wall dimensions (width x height)
  • Parameters of the wall on which the installation will take place (height x width, thickness, type e.g. a full brick wall)
  • If possible, please send the wall photos, visualisations and/ or technical drawings in jpg/ png/ pdf/ dwg format
  • Investment address (city/ town)
  • Expected completion date

Moss is a stabilised plant and does not require additional care. It is antistatic, does not require cleaning or vacuuming. Once installed, the moss panels will last for years.

Conditions: Does not require access to light or care, pruning or watering. It only needs adequate air humidity of nim. 40% and a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight or strong/hot light, air conditioning, radiators or contact with water.

We accept orders for projects made of moss with the total area of over 10m2.

The 12-month warranty is given for green moss walls provided that the relevant conditions set out in the annex to the agreement are met.

In both cases, for the purpose of efficient installation on the wall on which the investment is planned, all laths, electrical outlets, etc. should be removed within the designed green wall. The wall on which the installation is to be carried out should be dry. It should be remembered that the installation of our green walls should be carried out at the final stage of the Investment, e.g. due to the risk of renovation dust settling.

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