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4 Nature System


Advanced technology


Easy to operate


A new dimension of modularity


Uniform irrigation of plants


Low maintenance costs


Lightness: max. 40kg/m2


Long-term durability


Fire-retardant certificate

4Nature System

4Nature System is a proprietary system for the construction of a vertical garden equipped with automatic irrigation and control. It consists of ready-made double modules with dimensions of 390 x 195 mm or single modules with dimensions of 190 x 165 mm connected together by a system of tubes and drippers distributed to each plant separately.  Each module has pockets with plants, chosen according to the prevailing conditions of the internal environment. The 4Nature System design is distinguished by its lightness: max. 40kg/m2


The modules can be combined, and their construction allows for any covering of the surface of walls and furniture with plants as well as for creating irregular arrangements. The ready set of modules is connected to the control unit responsible for automatic irrigation of the plants. That is how a vertical garden is created. The 4Nature System module is the core of all products based on living plants: vertical gardens in the dimension 4Nature Wall and mobile furniture with living plants 4 Nature Basic and 4Nature Smart Green.
We have a version of B-s3-d0 fire resistance certified modules and a version made of fully recycled material. All our products are 99% recyclable.


System modularity - allows creating new solutions


Automatic irrigation and control


Made of recycled plastic


Easy to clean


Optimal conditions for the development of plants


Water supply directly to each pocket reduces water consumption


It is intended for live plants


Zielone meble z roślinami

4Nature Smart Green

Zielona ściana z roślin

Green walls - 4Nature Wall

Zielona ściana z mchu

4Nature Moss - green moss walls


Product configurator

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We design our products based on our experience in the vertical garden industry and the needs of our customers, as well as with the participation of specialists from the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice, the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw, the Silesian University of Technology and the Polish Association of Ecological Construction. Our unique technology has obtained patent protection in the Polish Patent Office, and the designs and trademarks are registered with the Internal Market Harmonisation Office in Alicante. Another, improved version of the modules is patent pending

In 2018, we were honoured with the GOOD DESIGN award for combining good design, nature and advanced technology.

Expert's opinion

"Modern architecture cannot do without green walls, all the more so since the importance of plants in rooms is growing in light of trends in interior design, and they are now an obligatory decorative element. In addition to the selection and composition of species, 4Nature System perfectly copes with the most important challenge of such projects - automatic remote-controlled irrigation. As befits a product of the XXI century, control can be performed through an application. The frames dedicated to the system are distinguished by their visual qualities, highlighting the beauty of the plants."

Mobile application

Set and monitor the parameters of our green products.
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