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4Nature Smart Green


New furniture collection with built-in vertical garden


The 4Nature Smart Green collection is a line of customisable furniture with a built-in live vertical garden designed for office and commercial spaces. A key element of the furniture is our innovative 4Nature System (IoT technology), which automates plant watering and lighting while reducing the amount of water and energy used.

The 4Nature Smart Green (4NSG) collection comprises two product lines - 4Nature Smart Green N'Joy and 4Nature Smart Green Amstel King. Its main components are live plants in modules using 4Nature System technology and interchangeable storage elements (e.g. open and closed cabinets, shelves), acoustic enhancement elements (acoustic panels) and flexible arrangement elements (perforated steel panels).

4Nature N'joy

4Nature Amstel

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Furniture with vibrant greenery means:


biophilic design - bringing nature indoors


flexibility - adapts to the interior and needs thanks to interchangeable elements


support for the implementation of ESG guidelines


improved air quality - increases humidity and reduces air pollution


a positive effect on the well-being of those around them


modularity and durability of the 4Nature System


modern design in line with the most current trends in office furnishings


space-saving - introduce plenty of living vegetation in a vertical form


Frequently asked questions

The completion date is set individually depending on the size and complexity of the project. The average leadtime for live plant furniture (4Nature Basic) is 4-5 weeks. The average leadtime for green plant walls (4Nature Wall) is 6-8 weeks. The order is accepted and the completion date is confirmed after signing the agreement and receiving the payment of one instalment ( 50% of the investment value).

Due to the cost of dedicated components individual pricing is prepared for each customer separately.
In order to prepare the cost estimate, we need the following information:

  • Green plant wall dimensions (height x width)
  • Parameters of the wall on which the installation will take place (height x width, thickness, type e.g. a full brick wall)
  • If possible, please send the wall photos, visualisations and/ or technical drawings in jpg/ png/ pdf/ dwg format
  • Is it possible to make water connections near the wall and drain to the sewage system? (Why is it important? This determines making the green wall in an open or closed system)
  • Is it possible to install lighting lamps to the ceiling at a distance of 1.50m from the wall?
  • Investment address (city/ town)
  • Expected completion date

In both cases, irrigation is completely automatic according to a pre-programmed schedule. Water is supplied to each plant directly through a system of pipes and channels installed in each module with dimensions of 39x19,5 cm with 2 pockets for plants.

Open system - water for watering plants is taken directly from the hot and cold water connections, then the water is mixed in the control panel to reach room temperature and distributed over a green wall. Excess water flows into the gutter ( 15cm high, 15cm deep), from where it is drained to the sewage system.

Closed system - water is taken from a tank placed directly under the green wall ( 40cm high, 20cm deep). Water is pumped up, distributed over a green wall, and its excess returns back to the tank. The tank itself is topped up manually once every 2-4 weeks depending on the size of the green wall and the plants applied.

In rooms with an amount of light less than 2000 lx, additional lighting must be installed to ensure proper plant growth. We recommend assimilation lighting, which improves the visual qualities of the wall, but above all provides optimal conditions for plant development.

Assimilation lighting: LED lamp with an arm or LED spotlight for ceiling installation (on the base or on the busbar), available in three colours (white, gray, black or RAL colour on request). There are 3 types of housing available to choose at the executive stage. The power, angle of incidence of light as well as the length of the emitted light and its temperature are specially selected to ensure optimal conditions for living and development of plants.

Recommended exposure time: min. 8-10 hours a day

Installation of lamps at a distance of 1.5 metre from the green wall and at the level of the upper line or maximally 10-15 cm above the upper line of the green wall. We recommend conducting a separate electrical circuit for lighting dedicated to the green wall and installing a time controller to automatically turn on the lamps for a minimum of 8-10 hours a day.

Green walls: min. total area of 2.5 m2
4Nature Smart Green: no minimum size of the order

All delivered technical and construction products are covered by a 2-year warranty. Elements of the irrigation system: pomp, drivers, solenoid valves, Fertilizer donors are covered by a 1-year warranty.

The warranty for plants is 1 month with an option of extending it under a separate maintenance agreement.

If you use our Green office service with a subscription, the warranty is extended for the entire duration of the agreement.

Closed systemM - wall waterproofing; providing a 230V electrical outlet near the vertical garden location (recommended location of the electrical outlet - at the bottom about 10cm from the green wall on the left or at the top about 10cm above the green wall on the left);

Open system - wall waterproofing, providing space for installation of the control panel with the dimensions of 100x100cm, a control panel for water and electrical connections (hot and cold water), a 230V electrical outlet, a pipe fi 20 leading from the control panel to the top edge of the vertical garden as per the executive drawing attached), control panel housing (if applicable), the sewage system drain with a siphon in the centre of the vertical garden (the drain must end at the level of the water collecting gutter 15-20 cm high and 15 cm deep);

In both cases, for the purpose of efficient installation: on the wall on which the investment is planned, all laths, electrical outlets, etc. should be removed within the designed green wall. The wall on which the installation is to be carried out should be dry. It should be remembered that the installation of our green walls should be carried out at the final stage of the Investment, e.g. due to the risk of renovation dust settling.


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