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4 Nature Basic

4Nature Basic is a line of ready-to-use mobile furniture with living plants primarily developed for users of office spaces. The simple and functional solution is based on the proprietary, patented 4Nature System vertical growing technology. The plant modules are enclosed in an aesthetically pleasing LOFT-style aluminium frame.

What distinguishes 4Nature Basic?

One or two sided

Innovative technology 4Nature System

Assimilation LED lighting or without

Easy maintenance automatic irrigation and IoT control

Tested plant species

Space saving and optimal use of space

Biophilic loft-style design

Easy installation: only electric supply needed

4Nature System technology the secret to our projects


Most of the above advantages are closely linked to the use of our proprietary, patented 4Nature System technology. 4Nature Basic's live plant furniture is automatically watered, which makes it easy to use and reduces maintenance to a minimum. This makes mobile green partitions the ideal solution wherever there is insufficient time for the demanding care of living plants. Moreover, LED assimilation lighting ensures optimum greenery development all year round, even in areas without daylight.

The core of each 4Nature Basic frame is a system of interconnected and ventilated modules made of recycled plastic. The double module (39x19.5 cm) accommodates two plant pockets. Each piece of green furniture is planted with an individually arranged plant composition. To this end, we select healthy, lush specimens. Our plant catalogue includes species that positively affect air quality, humidity and the microclimate in the room. The vertical arrangement of the plants effectively saves space, making furniture with a built-in vertical garden - mobile walls - suitable for even small offices. 4Nature Basic furniture will also work well where a large green wall won't fit. It suffices to select a product that fits perfectly into the available space. Our unique, functional design has been recognised as part of the Good Design competition - in 2018 we won the top prize for best designed service. Mobile office walls made of living plants are another contribution to the biophilic trend in room design. 4Nature Basic's green furniture brings nature closer to people in the workplace, ensuring the full set of benefits derived from interacting with living plants."

We develop products based on our experience in the vertical garden sector and our customers' needs. We also consult with specialists from the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice, the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw, the Silesian University of Technology and the Polish Green Building Council. Our unique technology has been granted patent protection at the Polish Patent Office, and our designs and trademarks are registered at the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market in Alicante. Another improved version of the modules is currently under patent proceedings.

In 2018, we were honoured with the GOOD DESIGN award for combining good design, nature and advanced technology.

Expert's opinion

"Modern architecture cannot do without green walls, all the more so since the importance of plants in rooms is growing in light of trends in interior design, and they are now an obligatory decorative element. In addition to the selection and composition of species, 4Nature System perfectly copes with the most important challenge of such projects - automatic remote-controlled irrigation. As befits a product of the XXI century, control can be performed through an application. The frames dedicated to the system are distinguished by their visual qualities, highlighting the beauty of the plants."

Green furniture with live plants


A solution in the spirit of less waste


Caring for the environment and offering ecological, yet economical solutions is our mission. How does 4Nature Basic's plant-based partitioning fulfil the demands of less waste?


Minimal water and electricity consumption

Automatic, plant-specific irrigation combined with energy-efficient LED lighting significantly reduces water and electricity consumption. We have taken measures to ensure that the green furniture provides sustainable, eco-friendly office management, and that we can keep the living greenery in good condition with the lowest possible utility consumption.


Use of recycled material

We look for opportunities to recover secondary raw materials and are keen to incorporate such materials at the production stage. The 4Nature System modules, a core component of the integrated vertical garden furniture, are made from recycled plastic. We use aluminium construction and powder coating, and try to minimise our carbon footprint by sourcing materials from local suppliers.


Long-term durability and reusability

Regularly caring for plants in the 4Nature Basic green furniture collection is a long-term investment. The durability of our products is such that they can be moved between rooms and even buildings. All of 4Nature Basic's green office furniture can be dismantled and installed in a new space with relative ease. When you decide to redecorate or move to another office, you can easily reconfigure the green furniture and take it with you.

How does green furniture affect well-being?


The presence of 4Nature Basic significantly improves work comfort and quality, making the office an employee-friendly space. The impact on their well-being takes place on various levels:

Stress and tension reduction


Stress is a killer of well-being and efficiency. Research demonstrates that the mere presence of plants has a relaxing, de-stressing and soothing effect. Vegetation helps to offset nervous tension, soothe the senses and provide relief for tired eyes.

It improves well-being


Direct contact with living greenery translates into overall well-being: it has an impact on job satisfaction and the general living situation; a plant-based mobile partition placed close enough to the workstation (ideally within 2 metres) will improve the mood and well-being of employees.

It Improves air quality and humidity


The specially selected plants with a large leaf area, which we plant with 4Nature Basic green furniture, help stabilise the temperature and humidify and purify the air; they produce oxygen and increase humidity levels, while some species also absorb dust and pollen, neutralise harmful chemicals or microorganisms and even crush smog,

Impact on health


Given the improved air quality and humidity, symptoms such as headaches, coughing and fatigue are reduced,

Improved room acoustics


The thing that distracts employees the most is undoubtedly noise; 4Nature Basic's green furniture helps to dampen the office hubbub - plants absorb sound waves and thus regulate the acoustics in the interior.



In addition to acoustic stimuli, visual stimuli are also important; fortunately, the vertical wall is a product that addresses both issues; the 4Nature Basic mobile furniture with built-in vegetation works perfectly as a green, lightweight partition wall; with it, you can re-arrange your open space and separate individual teams or even workstations, which is particularly vital in the age of COVID-19 and the need for greater isolation.

Product configurator

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Ogród wertykalny - konfigurator

4Nature Basic Models

Mobile two-column (S2)


Six or eight modules high, holding 24 and 32 plants.


Six or eight units high, accommodating 48 and 64 plants respectively.

Mobile three-column (S3)


Six or eight modules high, accommodating 36 and 48 plants respectively.


Six or eight modules high, holding 72 and 96 plants.

Mobile application

Set and monitor the parameters of our green products.
The most important data on your mobile.

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Ogród wertykalny ? aplikacja mobilna

Frequently asked questions

The completion date is set individually depending on the size and complexity of the project.
The average leadtime for live plant furniture (4Nature Basic) is 4-5 weeks. The average leadtime for green plant walls (4Nature Wall) is 6-8 weeks.
The order is accepted and the completion date is confirmed after signing the agreement and receiving the payment of one instalment ( 50% of the investment value).

Irrigation in 4Nature Basic is completely automatic according to a pre-programmed schedule. Water is supplied to each plant directly through a system of pipes and channels installed in each module with dimensions of 39x19,5 cm with 2 pockets for plants.

Rooms with less than 2,000 lux of light should be provided with additional lighting necessary for proper plant growth. We recommend the use of assimilation lighting which, primarily, provides optimal conditions for plant growth.

Assimilation lighting is an LED lamp on a telescopic pole. The power, angle of incidence and length of light emitted, including its temperature, is specially selected to provide optimal conditions for life and growth.

Recommended exposure time: min. 8-10 h daily

The installation of the lamps takes place at top line level or a maximum of 10-15 cm above the top line of the 4Nature Basic green furniture.

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