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Vertical gardens for the wall and beyond - green walls from 4Nature System

4Nature Smart Green

4Nature Smart Green


Green walls - 4Nature Wall

Green walls - 4Nature Wall


4Nature Moss - green moss walls

4Nature Moss - green moss walls



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Ogród wertykalny

Modern vertical gardens for the office and beyond

Introducing an innovative system for creating unique vertical gardens, which combines excellent design with the latest technology. The 4Nature System will allow you to enjoy greenery all year round in your office, premises or private flat....

The 4Nature System concept is based on creating a space that attracts attention not only for its unique appearance, but also for its health and well-being benefits. Natural greenery in the form of a vertical garden will have a positive effect on mood, reducing stress and improving concentration.


Get to know our projects and see how 4Nature System vertical gardens look like "in action"!

Impact of plants and 4Nature System on humans

Plants undoubtedly have a positive effect on human health and well-being. They reduce stress level and increase creativity.

In the 4Nature System, we have checked the exact impact of our vertical plant systems on office workers.

The research was carried out on our behalf by the Polish Green Building Council together with the Silesian University of Technology.

The impact of 4Nature System plant systems on people and the needs of employees were analysed in 10 large Warsaw companies for 12 weeks. The results of the research confirmed the positive impact of nature on the comfort and quality of the working environment.


ogród wertykalny - wpływ roślin na człowieka


10 companies

Ikea, Skanska, Tetris, WSP Poland, Vastint, Keller Williams Poland, HB Reavis, JLL, Arc Interiors, Bank

A, A+ A++ buildings

Buildings with HVAC system

240 surveys

So many surveys were conducted by us in each of the 3 stages of the research.

4Nature Basic

34 mobile free-standing plant walls

12 weeks of research

We analysed the sensations before the introduction of 4Nature Basic plants, during their presence and after their removal.

1500 plants

15 plants/ person


o 17 %

noticeable increase in productivity

62 %

of people noticed an increase in work efficiency

84 %

of employees felt an improvement in their well-being and reduction in stress

86 %

of people confirmed an improvement in work comfort

80 %

of employees felt an improvement in air quality and humidity

88 %

of people want to have plants as close to the workplace as possible ? up to 2m.


We offer a modern interior solution for people looking for plant material that does not require care. We create both full-size walls, as well as images or company logos. Thanks to the stabilisation process, the moss will stay unchanged for a lot of years and will be a unique accent to your house, office or premise.

Mobile application

Set and monitor the parameters of our green products
. The most important data on your phone.

Air temperature and humidity
Soil moisture reading
Measurement and irrigation history
Degree of replenishment of water bodies
Ogród wertykalny ? aplikacja mobilna


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