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Vertical garden in the relaxation area - Equinix

Company: Equinix
City: Warsaw
Area: relaxation area
Completion date: August 2019
Metric area: 10m2

A cosy green corner where you can relax, have coffee and chat - this is how the green relaxation area was created at Equnix in Warsaw. For this global IT industry leader, we created two walls made of living plants with a total area of 10m2. The combination of nature and advanced technology blends perfectly with both the business profile of Equnix and modern office space.

Selected plant species include philodendron scandens, epipremnum aureum, maranta leuconeura "kerchoveana", monster minima, white anthurium and chlorophytum. In designing the vertical garden, we paid attention to the prevailing conditions in the room and its character, to blend this living work of art into the interior as best as possible.

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