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Vertical garden in the hall of the Podium Park office building

Investment: Podium Investment Sp. z o.o
City: Cracow
Zone: representative and communication area
Year: March 2018
Area: 11,84m2

Another our new project is a vertical garden in the capital of Lesser Poland, Cracow. Here we have designed and implemented a green wall for our customer, Podium Investment Sp. z o. o. It is installed in the reception hall next to one of the main entrances to the Podium Park office building. The wall design assumed the use of mainly green plants of various structures.

The desired effect has been achieved owing to the use of different varieties of Philodendron and Epipremnum. Plants are arranged in irregular groups and intertwined. The uniform green is broken by some stained bright green varieties of Epipremum, 'Neon' and Philodendron 'Brasil'. The effect is additionally enhanced by Epiprema variety, 'N'Joy' with white-edged leaves. Anthuriums with red flowers also add a colour accent, and the top of the wall is crowned with Monstera plants growing upwards. The whole creates an interesting and colourful effect that draws the attention of the building visitors. The wall splendidly emphasises the representative nature of the place.

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