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Modular partition with N'joy vertical garden

4Nature N'joy is a free-standing partition with live plants that you can freely expand and configure. The functional solution is based on a modular frame system and a number of replaceable elements, such as plant modules, acoustic panels, decorative metal mesh and perforated panels.

What makes the partition with a built-in 4Nature Njoy vertical garden unique?

Modułowość i funkcjonlaność

Modularity and functionality

Innowacyjna technologia 4Nature System

Innovative 4Nature System technology

Asymilacyjne oświetlenie LED lub bez niego

Assimilative LED lighting or without it

Ułatwiona pielęgnacja automatyczne nawadnianie i sterowanie

Easy care, automatic irrigation and control

mobilny ogród wertykalny njoy
Sprawdzone gatunki roślin

Verified plant species

Oszczędność powierzchni użytkowej i optymalne wykorzystanie przestrzeni

Oszczędność powierzchni użytkowej i optymalne wykorzystanie przestrzeni

Biophilic design w stylu LOFT

Biophilic design w stylu LOFT

Prosta instalacja: wystarczy gniazdko elektryczne

Easy installation: just an electrical outlet

4Nature System technology - the secret of our projects

Most of the above advantages are closely related to the use of our proprietary, patented 4Nature System technology. Free-standing partitions with plants 4Nature N'joy are automatically watered, which makes them easier to use and reduces maintenance activities to a minimum. Thanks to this, a partition with a vertical garden is an ideal solution wherever there is no time for the demanding care of living plants. Additionally, LED assimilation lighting ensures optimal development of greenery all year round, even in places without access to daylight.

mobilne zielone ściany
mobilny ogród wertykalny - 4Nature Basic

Our product

The basis of each 4Nature N'joy partition are ventilated modules made of recycled plastic, connected by an irrigation system. We fill the partitions with individually arranged plant compositions. Our plant catalog includes species that have a positive impact on air quality, humidity and microclimate in the room.
The vertical arrangement of plants effectively saves space, making modular plant partitions work well even in small offices. 4Nature N'joy will also work well in places where a large green wall simply won't fit. You just need to choose a configuration that will perfectly fit into the free space. Our unique, functional design was appreciated in the Dobry Wzór competition - in 2018 we won the main prize for the best designed service.


See how to easily configure 4Nature N'joy

mobilny ogród wertykalny - patent

We create products based on our experience in the vertical gardens industry and the needs of recipients, but also with the participation of specialists from the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice, the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw, the Silesian University of Technology, the Polish Association of Ecological Buildings. Our unique technology of the new version of modules has obtained patent protection in the European Patent Office, and the designs of our products are registered in the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market in Alicante.

mobilne zielone ściany - dobry wzór

In 2018, we were honored with the DOBRY WZÓR award for combining good design, nature and advanced technology.

Expert opinion

"Modern architecture cannot do without green walls, especially since, in the face of trends in interior design, the importance of plants in rooms is growing and they are currently a mandatory decorative element. 4Nature System perfectly copes with the most important challenge for this type of projects, apart from the selection and composition of species. with automatic, remotely controlled irrigation. As befits a 21st century product, control can be done via an application. Frames dedicated to the system are distinguished by their visual values, emphasizing the beauty of the plants."

Modular partitions with live plants N’joy


A solution in the spirit of less waste


Caring for the environment and proposing ecological and at the same time economical solutions is our mission. How do 4Nature N?joy partitions implement less waste demands?

zielona ściana mobilna - minimalne zużycie wody i prądu

Minimal water and electricity consumption

Automatic irrigation, adjusted to the needs of plants, combined with energy-saving LED lighting significantly reduces water and electricity consumption. We have made sure that our vertical gardens allow for sustainable, ecological office management, and that maintaining the living greenery in good condition is possible with the lowest possible media consumption.

mobilna zielona ściana - wykorzystanie tworzywa z recyklingu

Use of recycled material

We are looking for opportunities to recover secondary raw materials and we are happy to implement such materials at the production stage. 4Nature System modules, a basic component also for modular plant partitions, are made of recycled material. We use aluminum construction and powder coating, and we also try to minimize our carbon footprint by sourcing materials from local suppliers.

mobilny ogród wertykalny - wieloletnia trwałość i możliwość ponownego użycia

Long-term durability and reusability

Regularly looked after plants in the modular compartments of the 4Nature N?joy collection are an investment that will last for years. The durability of our products is so great that they can be moved between rooms and even buildings. All 4Nature N?joy configurations can be relatively easily dismantled and installed in a new space. When you decide on a new arrangement or move to another office, you can easily reconfigure the modular partition with plants and take it with you.

How do modular furniture with plants affect well-being?


The presence of 4Nature N?joy significantly improves the comfort and quality of work, making the office an employee-friendly place. The impact on their well-being takes place on many levels:

Lowering stress levels and reducing tension

Stress is a killer of well-being, but also of effectiveness. Research shows that the mere presence of plants has a relaxing, soothing and soothing effect. Green helps eliminate nervous tension, soothes the senses and brings relief to tired eyes.

Improved well-being

Direct contact with living greenery translates into overall well-being: it influences satisfaction with work and the general life situation. A modular partition with a green wall placed appropriately close to the workstation (ideally within 2 meters) will improve the mood and well-being of employees.

mobilne zielone ściany - 4Nature Basic
mobilny ogród wertykalny - 4Nature Basic

Improving air quality and humidity

Specially selected plants with a large leaf area, which we plant in 4Nature N'joy partitions, help stabilize the temperature and humidify and purify the air, produce oxygen and increase the humidity level, and some species also absorb dust and dust, neutralize harmful chemicals and microorganisms, and even deal with smog.

Impact on health

Due to better air quality and humidity, symptoms such as headaches, cough and fatigue are reduced

Better room acoustics

What distracts employees the most is undoubtedly noise. Modular partitions with green walls 4Nature N'joy help dampen the office noise - plants and acoustic panels absorb sound waves and thus regulate the acoustics in the interior.


In addition to acoustic stimuli, visual stimuli are also important. Modular partition with green wall 4Nature N'joy is a product that will perfectly deal with both problems. It works perfectly as a green, light partition wall. Thanks to it, you can re-arrange the open space space and separate individual teams or even individual workstations from each other.

mobilne zielone ściany - lepsza akustyka pomieszczeń

Elements of the 4Nature N'joy system

mobilna zielona ściana dwukolumnowa

Arrangement examples

The elements of the N'joy system can be combined in various combinations to create a model perfect for your space. Start by choosing the span by selecting the frame (multiples of 86cm or 46cm), then decide on the equipment: number of plants, panels and maybe shelves or cabinets.

Mobile application

Set and monitor the parameters of our green products.
The most important data on your phone.

Air temperature and humidity
Soil moisture level reading
History of measurements and irrigation
Filling level of the water tank
Ogród wertykalny ? aplikacja mobilna

Frequently Asked Questions

The average time for processing live plants (4Nature N?joy) is 4-5 weeks. The order is accepted and the date is booked when the contract is signed and the payment of the 1st installment is recorded (in 50% of the investment value).

Irrigation of plants in 4Nature N?joy is completely automatic, from a tank located at the bottom of the frame. Water is supplied to each plant directly via a system of pipes and channels installed in each module.
You should refill the water in the tank 1-2 times a month.

In rooms with less than 2000 lux of light, you should use additional lighting necessary for the proper growth of plants. We recommend assimilation lighting, which primarily provides optimal conditions for plant development.
Assimilation lighting is an LED lamp on a boom mounted to the partition frame or a ceiling spotlight. The power, angle of incidence of light, length of emitted light and its temperature are specially selected to ensure optimal conditions for life and development.
Recommended exposure time: min. 8-10 hours a day

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