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Vertical gardens in the entrance zone of the Varso 1&2 buildings

Place: Varso 1&2, Warsaw
Investor: HB Reavis
Project: HRA Architekci
Zone: main hall/ reception desk, food court


In the first half of 2020, in cooperation with HRA Architekci, we had the opportunity to arrange the entrance zone to the Varso 1&2 buildings. The offices in the Warsaw complex cover almost 64 thousand m2 - our task was to take care of the everyday comfort and well-being of their employees and guests.

The spacious hall Varso Place is decorated with vertical gardens made of live plants equipped with a full automatic irrigation system. We selected them to match the conditions in the room and installed assimilation lighting to additionally support the development of plants, although the glass building has after all favourable diffused light. We have placed vertical walls behind the reception counter, indicating the presence of an element of nature from the very entrance. In Varso 1, three pots with palm trees constitute an additional biophilic element.

Free-standing double-sided vertical gardens (with 208 plants each) are used as partitions that separate the reception area from transparent lifts. Thanks to this, greenery is also visible to people moving between floors. The composition with its wavy shape is a graceful image of movement. The HRA Architekci team deliberately avoided installing full walls and ensured free access for people throughout the ground floor - this enabled obtaining maximum openness effect. This creates an image associated with the feeling of freedom and the soothing influence of nature.

In addition to the hall, we also arranged a separate restaurant area. In the middle of the food court, we placed a large pot with a seat, and we separated the space around the tables with triangular pots. In each of them, there are plant species of various heights, which create a multi-layer composition reflecting the natural arrangement of greenery found in nature. This introduces rich sensory information in the spirit of biophilic design.

Photo sources: 1. Varso.com 2. Hra.pl

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