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Vertical garden - 4Nature Vitis


A new generation of vertical gardens


4Nature Vitis is the new generation of vertical indoor gardens. The modularity of the new line permits unprecedented freedom of arrangement and flexibility that no other system has offered to date.

A key element of the 4Nature Vitis is the innovative plant modules and IoT technology that automates plant irrigation and lighting while optimising maintenance costs.

With the irregular configuration of 4Nature Vitis, we can introduce a substantial amount of vibrant greenery while maintaining a lighter composition than standard vertical gardens.

We have modules in certified fire-retardant versions.

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4 Nature Vitis

The main elements of 4Nature Vitis are live plants placed in individual modules using 4Nature System technology. Modules with plant pockets are interconnected by a system of tubes and drippers that supply water to each plant separately. They can be combined, and their innovative design permits an entirely new, free-form design in terms of the degree of plant coverage of the vertical surface and the creation of irregular arrangements. The complete set of modules is connected to a controller, responsible for automatic watering and lighting of the plants.

The 4Nature System module is the foundation of our products based on living plants, among others. 4Nature Smart Green - furniture with built-in vertical gardens or 4Nature Wall - living walls made to measure.

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We develop products based on our experience in the vertical garden sector and our customers' needs. We also consult with specialists from the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice, the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw, the Silesian University of Technology and the Polish Green Building Council. Our unique technology has been granted patent protection at the Polish Patent Office, and our designs and trademarks are registered at the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market in Alicante. Another improved version of the modules is currently under patent proceedings.

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Freedom of arrangement

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Automation of watering and lighting

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Improving indoor air quality, especially humidity

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Easy to assemble
and disassemble


Reducing air pollution


Positive effects on the human psyche


Living plants right at your fingertips

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Plants calculator

Find out how many live plants you need to introduce into the interior.
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Frequently asked questions

The 4Nature Vitis vertical gardens are designed for interiors. They can be fitted to the surface of any wall. The only requirement is a wall with a load-bearing capacity of 35 kg/m2.

The minimum wall width should be at least 80 cm - this is the width of the water tank. The minimum wall height should be at least 190 cm. However, our company executes 4Nature Vitis vertical gardens from 3m2.

Yes, 4Nature Vitis vertical plants need light, especially when they are far from a window or in rooms with small or no windows. To illuminate the 4Nature Vitis vertical gardens, energy-efficient LED assimilation lighting is used to promote proper plant development. It can also be used as room lighting. Note that the more light the plants get, the lusher they will grow.

The cost of a vertical garden decreases as the number of m2 increases. The larger the wall, the lower the cost per 1m2. Our website will soon feature a configurator for independent cost calculations. For the time being, you are welcome to contact us, with a minimum area of 3m2 allocated for a vertical garden.

Orders usually take between four and six weeks to complete. Before placing your order, please confirm the expected completion date.

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