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Green wall made of live plants in the luxurious SPA Green Deer Premium

Company: Doremo
Zone: relaxation zone, part of SPA in the Green Deer hotel
City: Zakopane
Area: 10.47 m2

The project at the Green Deer Premium leisure facility in Zakopane was immediately upgraded to the role of a key component of the relaxation zone. The Doremo company decided to decorate a part of the hotel SPA; so we built a vertical garden along the entire length of the central wall of the room. Guests of the facility, who use the wet and dry sauna as well as the jacuzzi, can enjoy it while bathing, or sit down under its construction and relax in the direct soothing company of plants. Thus, an impressive green wall with a total area of 10.47m2 has not only a decorative, but also a relaxing function; the presence of beautiful, automatically irrigated plants soothes nerves, improves well-being and allows to feel special.

Thanks to the black housing of the plant panel sides, as well as the acid-resistant gutter and lamps mounted on the base of the same colour, the vertical garden completely blends into the room; lush plants give the impression of growing straight out of the wall. Exactly 244 plants can be placed in more than 60 modules; the lush thicket contains robust specimens of the philodendron scandens, epipremnum, spathiphyllum, spider plants and monstera. The illuminated green wall is - literally and metaphorically - the brightest point of the hotel relaxation zone.

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