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4Nature Vitis at the Centre for Culture and Arts in Skierniewice

Company: Centre of Culture and Art in Skierniewice
City: Skierniewice
Zone: Foyer, Hall and Patio

At the beginning of 2022, we greened the interiors of the Centre for Culture and Art in Skierniewice - a local government institution for the promotion of culture run by the City of Skierniewice. Our common goal was to enliven the interiors and the concert patio with greenery; nature should serve the Centre's visitors and the people who work there.

The 4Nature Vitis vertical walls accommodated over 400 plants, and the 4Nature Basic mobile living plant partitions accommodated nearly 200 plants. The 4Nature System vertical technology we introduced allowed us to arrange the space in an interesting way, while minimising the cost of greenery. The vertical arrangement is based on green plants resistant to changing conditions (e.g. frequently opened doors, changing number of people. The modern, lightweight composition of 4Nature Vitis allowed for a larger area to be arranged with greenery than a traditional vertical wall of plants, while the mobile partition walls 4Nature Basic gave freedom of arrangement in the interior of the foyer, adapting to the current needs of the Centre.

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