Plants in interiors soothe the senses and positively influence the
acoustics, quality and humidity of the air


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Vertical garden in the interior of a Berlin TV and radio station

Investment: Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
City: Berlin
Zone: waiting room
Year: October 2019
Area: 7,90 m2

We are glad that our offer of vertical gardens attracts attention not only in Poland but also abroad. This is another of our walls that has been welcomed by our western neighbours. Recently, we have had the pleasure of implementing a green wall project for our customer from Germany - the regional German radio and television broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) in Berlin.

A wall of live plants adorns the intimate interior where office staff can relax over coffee or welcome guests awaiting a meeting. The greenery used is primarily to perform a representative function and enliven the space, and additionally give a sense of comfort. The design uses a variety of species to achieve the effect of luxuriance, and the flowers blooming red refer to the armchairs in the room.


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