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Walls of plants and stabilized moss at Tulipan House in Mokotów

Investment: Techbau Sp. z o.o.
City: Warsaw
Zone: representative area in the Tulipan House building
Year: November 2019
Plant wall area: 22.35m2
Moss wall area: 56.12m2

At the request of Techbau Sp. z o. o., we prepared an interior design project for one of Warsaw's office buildings - Tulip House in Mokotow. The offer we prepared combines both a green wall of living plants and stabilised moss panels.

The wall of living plants is located on the ground floor near the reception. The composition includes mainly species with green leaves (Creeping Philodendron), which provides a compact background for the whole. Colour is highlighted by species with coloured leaves (Epipremum var. N'Joy, Maranta var. Fascinator Tricolor) and white flowering Spathiphyllum (commonly known as Spath or Peace lilies). The introduction of Monstera deliciosa in the upper parts adds a three-dimensional effect to the wall.

For the stabilised moss panels, forest pole moss and flat forest moss were used in a proportion of 70% to 30%. Each panel is unique and yet they all blend as a whole. They are mounted on balustrades on three floors so that they can be admired from various levels, e.g. while walking down the stairs or looking at them from the ground floor.


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