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Modern office furniture integrated with plants

Through advanced technology, we want to bring people closer to nature. We are aware of the beneficial effects of vegetation on the human environment, which is why we have created the 4Nature System technology that makes the air cleaned and moisturised, increases work efficiency and creativity, and stress is reduced to a minimum.

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We are currently running a research and development project aimed at creating a unique line of furniture for commercial spaces, that combine 4Nature System green technology and intelligent ICT control system. We work on the project with high-class experts from the Silesian University of Technology and the Polish Green Building Council. This project is being implemented as part of the R&D „WoodInn” sector programme, Measure 2.1: "INNOVATIVE FURNITURE SYSTEM FOR COMMERCIAL SPACES WITH AN INTEGRATED VERTICAL GARDEN SYSTEM" financed by the National Centre for Research and Development.


One of the first results of our work is HUSH Meet L - an innovative solution for office spaces to which we have provided green technology.  HUSH meet L has been prepared by MIKOMAX Smart Office, the Polish manufacturer of office furniture, and it will be presented for the first time on October 23 at the ORGATEC 2018 Fair in Cologne. HUSH Meet L is a solution that will help with designing a unique office space in an original way and creating an independent office space in which it will be possible to hold meetings in silence. Advanced acoustic solutions effectively isolate sounds, and the closed form provides a feeling of privacy. This is a great alternative to design rooms and mini conference rooms.


If you are interested in participating in the development of innovative office furniture with the 4Nature System green technology, we invite you to cooperation. Let's create the friendly working environment together!

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