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Green walls with plants and moss - why it's worth it




what's is this?

Green walls are living gardens of a vertical shape and form a very attractive decorative element which significantly improves the interior air quality and positively affects the well-being of people who spend time in their surroundings.


how does it work?

We install green walls on to the surface of the wall or elevation, which saves you space, and thanks to its intelligent irrigation and lighting through care application, becomes quick and easy.



is it worth it?

  • innovative 4Nature System
  • automatic irrigation
  • saves space
  • produces oxygen
  • cleanses and moisturises the air
  • absorbs dust and dirt
  • quick and easy care
  • plant society throughout the year
  • an exclusive element for any interior




what's is this?

Walls of moss are an ideal solution for people looking for plant material that does not require any care. Forest moss and Cladonia rangiferina are subjected to a stabilisation process, thanks to which they retain a beautiful appearance and softness for many years.


how does it work?

Panels of moss are mounted to the wall or other surface of your choice. The huge arrangement possibilities allow us to create both large uniform surfaces, as well as images or logos.


is it worth it?

  • no care required
  • long-term durability
  • no lighting required
  • the noise is suppressed
  • antistatic material
  • hand-made performance
  • a wide range of colours and designs
  • safe for both people and animals





We approach each client individually, due to their varied needs, and requirements as to the surrounding space and the expected end-result. There is no universal solution for greenery in the interior, but our designers will help you choose the right solution tailored to your individual needs. We are confident that your new wall made of plants or moss will change your surroundings! If you need advice on the best solution for you, please contact us!

By incorporating plant tissues in the form of vertical gardens in areas where the possibilities of the traditional arrangement of greenery are limited, these spaces gain a new dimension and become stylish, fashionable and eco-friendly. We can obtain incredible effects even with the smallest amount of space. Green walls are a spectacular element of decoration and create a unique micro-climate. Vertical gardens are the expression of an ecological approach to everyday life and our aspiration to live "closer to nature". 
Thanks to their vertical construction, green walls allow you to save space in rooms, which they give a modern design, creating a unique visual and decorative effect. With green wall technology, we can fully enjoy the benefits offered by the "company of plants" all year round and in almost every space. 
Vertical garden arrangements are adjusted to the given place and its users. We offer innovative ideas, including ready-made products from the 4Nature Smart line and vertical gardens tailored to individual needs of office and residential interiors, as well as gardens, terraces and balconies. 

Green walls made of living plants are a kind of vertical garden, placed on a special construction, equipped with an automatic irrigation and lighting system. A green wall is a stunning and modern decorative element. Vertical gardens come in different sizes and shapes, are easy to tend, and the use of appropriate plant species, in different configurations, offers a broad range of arrangement possibilities. Green walls are not only a visual effect but also a perfect way to improve indoor air quality and create a special micro-climate. Vertical gardens also muffle noise, and therefore may be successfully used as an element of space partitioning.

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