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Biophilic Design - nature in the arrangement of a modern office

Office interior design should provide employees and customers with the maximum sense of comfort and safety while at the same time support the quality of work. Both of these criteria can be met thanks to a simple procedure - just introduce live plants to the workplace. See how to arrange individual rooms in the office with the use of plants, so that they turn into a place friendly to employees and become the best showcase of the company.

How to create the best first impression? An idea for the lobby/ reception desk interior design


This is the first place where we welcome both our Customers and Applicants waiting for a job interview. Positive impression made when entering the office space builds in the eyes of the Applicants an image of a company that cares about employees and creates a friendly place to work, and at the same time an organisation that fits the trend of the office green decor. It is a simple and effective employer branding activity. The space behind the reception counter is a perfect place for a green wall made of moss or live plants, in which an additional display with the company's name and logo can be combined. We also offer logotypes made entirely of moss.


 How to eliminate noise and separate open space?

According to research, the quantity of stimuli that distract at work and discomfort during a conversation caused by a lack of privacy are the most annoying for employees. With regard to a lot of research, noise is the greatest difficulty that affects the level of concentration and satisfaction of employees, and thus the quality of work. As a solution, we offer green partition walls made of live plants - products from the 4Nature Basic line. They have been designed to meet the needs of employees, the need to dampen noise, and separate a private workplace. Plants in the office are soothing for a human, so they should be as close as possible to the workplace. Biophilic design is a response to the needs of today's employees and HR departments looking for a way to keep millenials in the organisation. It is a generation defined as green generation which is also sensitive to the space aesthetics.

Green furniture is a perfect solution where there is no place for a green wall of live plants. Benefits: nature close to a human and the workplace, ensuring privacy, improving concentration thanks to the elimination of visual and acoustic stimuli. According to the conducted research, in 2019, 88% of employees expressed the need for live plants to appear within 2 m from their workplaces. The modular system of the 4NatureBasic line products equipped with an automatic irrigation and control system is the response to this need. With minimum care, the nature will serve humans for a lot of years.


Is green design a luxury? Vegetation in the office is a way to create an elegant and friendly space.

The work of the CEO and Managers requires concentration, focusing skills in the multitude of everyday tasks. An ecological office is an idea for creating a space that will positively affect the comfort of work, reduce stress level and generally improve well-being. We offer a solution that combines a simple design and the soothing influence of greenery. The 4Nature SMART product line is a vertical garden in an elegant aluminium frame that can be hung on the wall or attached to the floor; the whole can be controlled using a mobile application. The delicate frame in white and black emphasizes the variety of textures and colours of live plants. 4Nature SMART is a picture made of live plants that will add elegance to the space and emphasize the modernist interior design.


Soothing impact of vegetation and strengthening of creativity - vegetation in the conference room


The green walls made of moss and plants will be perfect as a background for a TV set or a projection screen on which reports, presentations and training materials are displayed. The biggest advantage of this solution is the soothing effect of plants on tired senses, relaxing eyesight and calming the mind as well as improving the room acoustics. In an atmosphere of relaxation it is easier to cooperate, make creative solutions, as well as conduct negotiations and business talks.

Relaxation zone - an oasis of peace and a paradise for the senses


 Plants are conducive to relaxation and concentration of thoughts, as well as recovery of the senses, which is why plants are most often used in the interior design of a rest zone, where there should be as much greenery as possible. The eco office provides its employees with a place where they can exclude from everyday tasks, soothe stress and have a moment of forgetfulness. It is a substitute for walking to the forest as we always do when we need to calm the senses. Green wall installations that combine various plant species will be perfect here.

A green office means building positive experiences of employees


Within the next five years the use of greenery in office design will become a standard in the labour market as one of the key elements affecting employee experience. Research conducted by Human Spaces has proven that plants in the office increase everyday comfort of work, reduce stress, relieve fatigue and increase the quality of work in the long run. According to our research, 86% of office workers positively assess the impact of plants on the comfort of work, and 92% would like their presence in the office in the future. Humans are naturally looking for contact with nature which directly affects the sense of happiness, which is why biophilic design sets future trends in the workplace interior design.

Incorporation of live plants in the process of designing today's office spaces is no longer a luxury, it is an investment in health, well-being, and thus creativity and performance of employees.

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