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Green wall maintenance process - how do we care for vertical gardens?

Green wall maintenance process - how do we care for vertical gardens?

To maintain any plants - including those used in green walls - in good condition for as long as possible, we should tend to them. Simultaneously, the idea of vertical gardens is based, among other things, on the fact that they meet the needs of people who do not have the time or desire to tend to flowers regularly. The systems we install are largely self-sufficient and require far less care than regular potted flowers, but still, need to be attended to from time to time. This is where our reliable service comes in handy. Find out more on how we care for green walls and what our services specifically cover.


How often do we provide maintenance services?


Some may think that our work involves design and execution; in other words, the creation and installation of a green wall at the customer's site. Meanwhile, once the installation is completed, we have one more responsible task ahead of us, which is to help with the care of the plants. The first service we offer is included in the price of the vertical garden. We perform such an inspection a month after planting the flowers on the wall. Thanks to this, we are certain that the plants are well adapted and we check whether and how they are faring in the new environment. We tend to new shoots, make sure that the irrigation system is working perfectly and, if necessary, change the settings so that the flowers receive the ideal amount of water.


We perform further service work at the request of our customers. It is not an obligatory service, but it is certainly worth considering, especially since the costs of such an investment involve a small reduction in the budget. The service personnel visit the site once a month - it is an optimal frequency to keep your hand on the pulse and react quickly to any, even the slightest complications. The price of such a service is 70 PLN per each square meter of a vertical garden. If the customer does not wish to incur additional costs, it can tend to the green wall independently. The key is to ensure that the plants are pruned and fertilised once in a while, as well as to control the humidity and the key components of the irrigation system.


What do we do during the monthly service visit?


1. We prune the plants

Cutting and cleaning of individual plants is a key element in the care of the green wall. We instantly remove all unattractive leaves, especially those that have dried out. We want to keep the structure of the vertical garden relatively compact - we want it to be as beautiful at all times as it was at the beginning. Therefore, we prune specimens that tower above others. Such overgrowth of plants is not only unaesthetic but also a threat of deformation.


How do we prune plants? We begin from the top of the green wall and then head towards the bottom. The species that require the most work and constant monthly inspections include, among others:

- Climbing Philodendron and Climbing Philodendron 'Brasil',

- Epipremnum 'N'Joy',

- Epipremnum (golden pothos),

- Rhomboid Cissus ‘Ellen Danic’,

- Climbing fig,

- Eschynantus,

- Monstera deliciosa


2. We fertilise the plants

We do this by using a built-in dosing unit and special fertilisers for spraying plants. If the wall model does not allow foliar fertilisation, we apply traditional soil fertilisation during the service.


3. We monitor the moisture content

Every month, our service staff check the moisture content of the plant substrate. By doing so, we determine whether the irrigation system is ideally suited to the needs of each specimen. If we notice any irregularities, we immediately change the length and frequency of irrigation.


4. We prevent plant diseases

During the service, we also observe the plants in terms of possible pests or pathogens. If anything deviates from the norm, we immediately intervene. Every disturbing symptom requires us to take preventive measures, including prophylactic spraying. Weaker or diseased specimens are immediately removed and replaced with new ones. In doing so, we are certain that diseases will be prevented from spreading and combated at an early stage.


5. We perform service of irrigation system and controllers

We check how the individual components of the irrigation system work, including drip heads, irrigation lines and drainage gutters. We take care of every detail to ensure that nothing escapes our attention. In the case of a closed circuit, we have to replenish the water shortage in the tank. On the other hand, in the case of an open circuit, we clean the filter once every six months.


Regular maintenance pays off!


We want you to be as satisfied as possible with our services, so we reiterate at every opportunity how important it is to tend to the plants. You do not have to do it every day, but regularly - once a month is sufficient. If your vertical gardens are systematically monitored (preferably by specialists), you can be certain that they will be in perfect condition for many years.


It is worth mentioning that usually green walls are in perfect condition and our service visits are purely preventive. Most often, it is enough that we perform basic treatments, i.e. we prune and clean the plants. Some of our projects are over three years old and remain completely healthy to this day - we did not have to replace a single specimen!

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