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Green office fit-out subscription

Green office fit-out subscription

A lot of factors affect the well-being of employees in the office. However, the environment where employees spend at least 1/3 of their lives is one of the most important factors. A friendly environment significantly increases comfort and well-being.  It is also proved that the environment in which we work affects our creativity, work quality, efficiency and productivity and, as a result, it also affects the success of the company itself.

When we change the office environment to a pleasant green space filled with plants, we improve the employees' mood and create a prosperous, nice to work, place. Surrounded by greenery, we feel much more relaxed and happier, and the stress level is significantly reduced.

When we are not sure whether to make such a high investment as the purchase of plants, hiring an architect and ordering a regular plant service, the subscription to greenery is a good idea. No matter if you run a business with several employees or your company is a huge corporation - our offer includes several flexible plant subscriptions tailored to your space. As leaders in the green office fit-out, we will assist you in arranging the green office in the most efficient way, saving space, time and money.


How many plants are necessary to make an office healthy and sustainable?


Besides the visual advantage, plants, first of all, produce oxygen and clean the air of impurities emitted by furniture upholstery, carpeting and various office equipment. In addition, they eliminate allergens, toxins and microorganisms.  They also moisturise the air, which prevents quick eye fatigue while performing computer work, supports the respiratory tracts and soothes our skin. Only the appropriate quantity of plants may fulfil the mentioned functions in an effective and perceptible way. A few random pots are not enough. Years of experience in creating green offices in Poland and Germany have enabled us to develop some standards. To make a healthy sustainable work place, we recommend a minimum of 3m2 of greenery for each 100m2 of the office. It means 75 plants (3 plants per 1 employee) arranged vertically so as to leave as much valuable usable space as possible. 


Close, closer, as close as possible


When designing the workspace, standards related to occupational health and safety, as well as ergonomics must be applied. When arranging greenery, our architects pay attention to the job type, lighting and the distance between employees. The results of our research on office workers carried out by the Silesian University of Technology and the Polish Green Building Council  (PLGBC) clearly showed that plants should be as close as possible to people - up to 2 metres from their working places. That is why it is important to arrange plants properly so that employees could enjoy them nearby.


Separating the space, i.e. how to tame the open space


Constant noise, lack of privacy and a lot of factors distracting from focusing in the open space negatively affect the comfort and performance of work. Dividing the room into smaller, more comfortable spaces, with better acoustic values increases concentration and has a real impact on the well-being. To provide a friendly work place, we can separate desks or desk islands with green walls that bring comfort and reduce noise. This convenience will bring a lot of positive changes in work efficiency and improve the employee personal space.


3 subscriptions, 3 levels of greenery


Green Place - the lowest subscription that will allow to introduce 2.5-5m2 of living greenery. It is perfect especially for small offices or when you want to try if it is really worth it, and then gradually expand the subscription by introducing more and more plants.

Botanic Garden - this option covers 150 to 250 plants that will significantly improve the aesthetic features of the office, while not dominating the space.

Welcome to the Jungle - more than 10m2 of greenery that gives a lot of possibilities for the arrangement. Perfect for larger offices, especially those with open space.

Our architects will advise the appropriate subscription for you and your office, and arrange the right place for plants to bring the greatest benefits for the whole team. Choosing our plant subscription for the office will provide you with:

  • vegetation design tailored to your needs and budget
  • flexibility in changing subscriptions and a 1-month notice period
  • delivery and installation
  • comprehensive maintenance and technical service

For years we have been cooperating with business leaders  who know that the company's success begins with people. Our aim is to assist you in the difficult task of creating a prosperous workplace and providing a space where employees feel as much comfortable as possible.

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