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6 economic benefits of vertical gardens

6 economic benefits of vertical gardens

Vertical vegetation supported by technology is the most economic and at the same time ecological method to green the office space. Application of green furniture with built-in vegetation in the wall-mounted or sliding version, although it may seem like an unnecessary expense, in the long term brings considerable savings - the money invested in the project will bring extra benefits. Lower water consumption, possibility to reduce investment and maintenance costs, increasing work comfort... We invite you to familiarise yourself with the list of specific economic benefits provided by the green wall system, especially in the subscription model.

1. Space saving

One square metre of the vertical 4Nature System vegetation can include about 25 plants. On the same surface it would be possible to place five times less traditional potted plants, and only if all five pots were standing next to one another. In practice, there is also even more space saving: green walls are vertical gardens, thanks to which plants occupy space that is, in fact, not used on a daily basis. By choosing furniture with built-in vegetation, we can gain much more gathered greenery without losing valuable square metres of the office space.

2. Reduction of investment cost and business risk

The decision to try a subscription model will allow to replace one costly investment with a much cheaper monthly subscription tailored to your business budget. This will minimise investment and maintenance costs, and if there is a need to make budget cuts, you can use another option provided by an only three months' notice. There is also an option of reducing and increasing the subscription price depending on the needs and capabilities of the company. It should be also emphasised that the very cost of a single plant for a green wall - approx. PLN 25 net - is several times lower price compared to traditional potted plants.

3. Minimal water and electricity consumption

4Nature System is a perfectly developed automatic irrigation and control system, thanks to which green furniture with built-in vegetation can be created. This proprietary technology not only removes the burden of maintenance from customers, but also minimises maintenance costs. Plants absorb exactly as much water as they need; the issue of electricity consumption looks similar. Energy-efficient LED assimilation lighting is used to illuminate green walls and it also has a good impact on the proper development of plants. So, in addition to economic aspect, there is also an important ecological aspect.

4. Facilitated maintenance and reduction of the maintenance cost

Since the vertical gardens have been equipped with an automatic irrigation and control system, plant maintenance is much more efficient. There is no need to water the plants manually - just monitor the wall and if in any doubts about its hydration level, consult a change in the irrigation schedule. In addition, an automatic fertiliser dispenser can be used in the open system. The walls made of live plants are almost self-sufficient every day; they only require periodic care and maintenance - cleaning the filters, checking the irrigation system, taking care of the plants (cleaning the leaves, trimming). Once in a while, preventively spray individual specimens or (quite sporadically) replace plants with new ones.

The first visit with free post-installation maintenace is made within two months of installing a vertical garden - the time needed for plants to adapt to a new environment. We check whether everything is all right, whether the irrigation schedule is optimal and whether the plants 'feel good'; it is seldom that individual plants do not accept a new environment, and in such a situation we replace them with new ones without additional charges. Then, upon the customer's request we make monthly visits, unless he prefers to take care of the plants himself. The fee for such a service depends on the number of square metres of the vertical garden. The most economic solution is, of course, the office green subscription model - then we provide monthly maintenance and technical service as part of the subscription.

5. Flexibility of the rearrangement - the possibility of making changes at a low cost

We have already mentioned about reduction of the business risk and a flexible subscription; the list of benefits should be also supplemented with flexible conditions for the rearrangement itself. Mobile plant walls dominate in this respect, which if necessary can be moved to any chosen place; it should be noted, however, that all 4Nature Basic products, including the free-standing or wall-mounted ones, can be relatively easily removed and installed somewhere else. Future green offices assume the use of larger groups of plants placed in a distance of 2 metres maximum from the workplaces. If your office is not yet fully arranged, there is a possibility of changes or moving, or you just want to test different options, the best solution will be those that are easy to be uninstalled, moved or modified. This applies not only to the location of green walls in terms of functionality, but also to changes in their content.

6. Stimulation of well-being and efficiency of employees

The report prepared at our request by the Silesian University of Technology and the Polish Green Building Council showed an inseparable relationship between the presence of plants in the office and the assessment of the work quality. Within 8 weeks 93 people were tested (with as many as 15.5 plants per employee), paying particular attention to the issues of self-assessment of fatigue, stress, concentration, sleepiness and productivity. As it turned out, the latter increased by as much as 6% in the company of green walls; also the other parameters have improved significantly. Ultimately, the impact of plants on work comfort was appreciated by as many as 86% of respondents, 84% noted a significant improvement in well-being, and 62% noticed a clear increase in work efficiency. The numbers speak for themselves - the introduction of green furniture with built-in plants into the office has a huge impact on well-being of employees.

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