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#LESSWASTE, i.e. what are we doing as a company to be more eco?

#LESSWASTE, i.e. what are we doing as a company to be more eco?

The environmental crisis is becoming more and more real - every, even individual, pro-environmental behaviour is worth its weight in gold today. No wonder that in an era of growing threat, activities such as zero waste or less waste, which are aimed at significant reduction of waste production and consumption itself, are growing in strength. How does the 4Nature System implement the idea of less waste and in what specific areas are we implementing this trend?


What is less waste?


Less waste is a movement, approach or even a lifestyle that assumes a significant reduction in the amount of waste produced, for the good of our planet. This aim is fulfilled by limiting (especially impulsive) consumerism, making informed purchasing decisions and avoiding waste, treating existing resources (objects, food) with due respect and maximising the use of all residues.

There is no need to move mountains to serve the environment considerably. Just start with little things and changing your daily habits - reach for reusable products, avoid rash shopping at sales, expand your knowledge about recycling. At the 4NatureSystem, the company that offers smart green solutions for offices and that appreciates the inseparable bond between a man and the nature, we try to go a step further. We implement the idea of less waste at three different levels, making responsible decisions in every area of our business.


What is operation of our office?


When we were arranging our office, we tried to use as many second-hand items as possible. We gave new life to desks, chairs and even carpeting; virtually, all these fittings had been used before. We also took kitchen furniture from the old office to the new headquarters. We try to extend the usefulness of things and focus on their functionality. Objects that once served others, now they serve us - not only that they are still useful, they still look good.

We try to make small changes for the better wherever possible, i.e. we don't use plastic bottles; instead, we have installed an additional filter and use Warsaw tap water. Fortunately, such activities as waste segregation are a standard now, we take them seriously and attach due importance to them. 


How do our products implement the idea of less waste?


At the 4Nature System, we try to implement eco-friendly solutions already at the production stage. Some of the components used by us in the production process come from recycling. We are actively looking for ways to recover secondary raw materials and then use them for creation of our proprietary furniture with built-in vegetation. During the design process, we tried to develop individual options of shelves or partitions so as not to create many possibilities of configurable items and thus be able to use them interchangeably, changing only the main load-bearing structures. In addition, we selected the dimensions of individual items in such a way that there was as little production waste as possible.

The issue of reducing water and electricity consumption deserves a separate discussion. The automatic irrigation and control technology developed by us, as well as the use of LED lighting, allow us to manage the office in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. This is important especially in large agglomerations, where the problem of negative impact of urbanisation on nature and man itself is really visible. The 4Nature System technology translates not only into easier care of vertical gardens, but also into reduced maintenance costs and lower utilities consumption. Plants take up water in exactly the amounts they need; their development is supported by energy-efficient assimilation lighting.

Finally - our 4Nature Basic line includes not only wall-mounted projects, but also free-standing mobile racks. Thus, furniture with built-in vegetation can be moved quite easily from place to place, which is useful not only when rearranging space, but also when moving to another office. Moving to another office doesn't have to mean leaving vertical gardens once installed, they can be taken to a new place. In this way, nothing is wasted - plant designs can be reconfigured and adapted to a new place.


Subscription and mobile solutions, i.e. the use of green walls in the spirit of less waste


The durability of our products is very high; they are far away from one-off solutions that are suitable only for one owner. On the contrary, mobile walls made of live plants and green furniture can change hands, which enabled us to run the service in a subscription model. We want the products once used to be in circulation for as long as possible, and enjoy not only the first owner, but also other users. By choosing the subscription on transparent flexible terms, customers receive the chance to have a friendly sustainable work environment regardless of the location of the office (for example, when changing the office). At the same time, renting plants for offices is an environment-friendly activity for companies. 

As can be seen, the 4Nature System implements the less waste trend at three different levels: organisation of the office, production and product solutions, as well as services offered. In each of these areas, we are guided by the good of nature; we consistently stick to once adopted policy, which represents our small contribution to caring for the planet's interests.

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