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Green Walls - Frequently Asked Questions

Green Walls - Frequently Asked Questions

Before establishing any form of cooperation, we organize preliminary discussions with potential business partners. The questions asked often repeat and they concern among others the conditions for establishing a green wall, estimated costs as well as ways to maintain the garden in good condition. We have decided to summarize them here as Frequently Asked Questions. 


I am interested in a vertical garden. What should I start with and does the room need to fulfil any special requirements?


Firstly, it is a good idea to decide already at the very beginning where the vertical garden is to be located and what its dimensions will be. It is important to check whether a given wall will bear the load of the 4Nature System construction together with plants after their watering (safe assumption is 50kg/m2). At the same very initial stage we need to determine whether water supply and drainage is possible, thus enabling the installation of a live wall in an open circuit (the water is then supplied directly from the waterworks and its excess flows to the sewage system). The alternative is constituted by a closed circuit garden, where the water is pumped from the container, manually or automatically refilled. No drainage is applied here. It is perfect when the room is bright and has the access to natural light, but it is not a necessary condition. We will eagerly explain all doubts during our consultation and suggest the most optimal solutions. 


How much does a green wall cost?


Each vertical garden is tailor-made to match purchaser’s needs and the characteristics of a given room, so it is impossible to provide one fixed price. The cost of 1m2 decreases when the installation grows. Prices for the system consisting of live plants walls vary from ca. PLN 1400 to 2500 net per m2 (while minimum order surface is 2.5 m2), while for the stabilized moss projects from ca. PLN 1300 to 2200 net/m2 (minimum order surface is 3m2). It is the price of the system, excluding its installation, transport or additional cover of the sides or the container. In order to establish the cost estimate it is necessary provide the following details:

  • estimated dimensions of the green wall: height and width,
  • parameters of the wall where the garden is to be installed: height, width, thickness, material (e.g. solid brick),
  • location where the structure is to be installed,
  • expected completion date,
  • possibility of connecting water supply and performing the drainage to the sewage system,
  • possibility of the installation of LED illumination on the ceiling, ca. 1.5 meters from the wall.

We recommend attaching a photo of the wall, its visualization or technical draft already at the query stage as it will make cost estimation faster and more precise. 

How long does it take to perform the ordered structure?


Completion date is determined individually, similarly to the price. It depends among others on the size, level of complexity as well as location of the project. It usually takes about 6-8 weeks to perform a green wall from moss or live plants. Waiting period starts upon the signing of the contract and when the first instalment is credited (50% of the total price). 


Is it necessary to water the plants and isn’t the wall exposed to moisture?


No – green walls are watered automatically. The water is supplied via the system of pipes and ducts, it comes from drippers and reaches all plant modules (with the dimensions of 39x39 cm each). It is all monitored by a controller basing on the schedule adjusted to conditions in the interior and taking into account the requirements that the plants have. Thanks to automatic watering and control system the wall is not exposed to moisture – each Investor is obliged to install a hydro insulation layer and the garden itself is mounted on special profiles at a distance from the load bearing wall, thus ensuring the flow of the air between the wall and plant modules forming the system. 


Does the green wall need additional illumination?


Yes. If the interior is illuminated by less than 2000 lx it is necessary to install additional assimilation illumination. Light is the necessary element for plants to grow healthily and remain in good condition all year round. We suggest LED lamps on arms or ceiling LED spotlights installed on a base or current rail. The best solution is to install a time controller to switch on the light for 8-10 hours every day. 


How long will the vertical garden remain in good condition?


It all depends on whether the green wall is appropriately maintained. Its watering, illuminating or even fertilizing can be automatized, but it will still be necessary to remember about some activities, such as trimming overgrown shoots or removing dead leaves. Trimming is so important not only for aesthetic, but also practical reasons – when the plants overgrow, they limit the access to light for other ones, which may lead to their dying out. What is more, when we let the shoots grow too long, the plant will lose its compact character and new leaves will grow smaller and smaller. The guarantee period for all construction and system elements is 2 years, while the guarantee for plants lasts 2 months, but it can be extended by signing a separate plant care agreement.

These are of course not all dilemmas connected with green walls. Do not hesitate to ask more questions, we will provide the answer to all of them.

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