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Green furniture. Comfort for the employee, benefits for the company


More than 2000 hours! So much time we spend at work each year. For many, these are hours in an office space. Its arrangement obviously affects the mental and physical well-being of its users. When it comes to commercial spaces fitout, it's not just about individual comfort, but above all, about creating an environment that fosters focus, productivity and creativity. A sustainable, safe and healthy environment has a positive impact on people's lives - including their working lives. A change for the benefit of the employee does not always require large and time-consuming investments. Sometimes, instead of a complete overhaul, a well-considered adaptation of the layout with greenery in the leading role is enough.




At the beginning of the 21st century urbanisation has taken an unprecedented scale. City development is invariably linked to innovation and economic growth. Its structure is undergoing functional and spatial transformations.ANd because two thirds of the world's population is expected to live in a city by 2050, there is a reason to be concerned about whether these will be places designed in a sustainable way.

The trick is to plan space in such a way that it is beneficial not only for economic development, but also for the development of the individual user, i.e. the resident of a large city. Fortunately, we have a growing awareness of how to build sustainable buildings, with respect for human needs, but also with respect for nature. However, we still have a lot of work to do in order to rebuild the bonds between nature and man.    




We perform better in our jobs when our physical and mental state is stable. Companies are increasingly aware of this and are opening up well-being projects that put the employee's condition at the centre. If they are healthy and satisfied, they work more efficiently and are more willing to take on challenges. An investment in the well-being of an employee is an investment in the success of the company. It is worth ensuring that they feel at work like at home. A substitute for that atmosphere could be green plants.    




Arranging an office space which fulfil the principles of well-being can be a challenge. On the one hand it has to be functional, which is often achieved by strict minimalism (neutral surroundings encourage creativity), but on the other hand it has to be friendly. So, plants in the office are a good solution.



What will you gain by introducing greenery into your office space?


better visual perception of the surroundings,

better air quality and humidity,

better room acoustics,

And well-being of employees.




Of course, it is most convenient to shape the space at the design stage, but even in a ready-made arrangement we can change a lot, without carrying out a thorough renovation. Plant furniture, mobile walls to separate zones, vertical gardens - these are small changes that will bring visible effects and big benefits - both on a personal and company scale.


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