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ESG and green plants

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Environmental, social and corporate governance, or ESG for short, are key assumptions that should be implemented by companies striving for responsible and sustainable development. They are also important criteria for investors, banks and consumers when making business and purchasing decisions. ESG also has a motivating effect on employees, including those who are just starting to recruit. Implementing ESG standards is associated with strategic transformations in a company. However, implementation also involves small changes. How does greenery in the office fit into the idea of sustainable development?



ESG are activities related to environmental protection, social criteria and corporate governance. These factors gain importance especially in the process of acquiring new customers, investors or business partners. Companies for which responsibility and sustainability matter are also better perceived by potential employees. For young people in particular, non-wage aspects of employment have become important, such as providing an appropriate working environment, being attentive to well-being or supporting local communities. The younger generation is also more sensitive to the problem of discrimination in the workplace or issues related to global warming.


Socially responsible activities and implemented climate policies that protect the environment make it possible to obtain more diverse and cheaper sources of financing, such as loans on preferential terms. And the ability to regularly present non-financial data, demonstrating specific ESG actions, builds trust and attracts long-term investors. The company also gains an image of innovation. ESG ideals provide the impetus for further development and the introduction of modern solutions, which also contributes to a positive, holistic assessment of the company in the eyes of decision-makers.   


In recent years, there has been an acceleration in the adoption of sustainability in offices. Companies are trying to obtain certificates thanks to which they will be associated with a pro-ecological attitude. We are also observing greater awareness and a greater number of solutions, which increase the comfort of work and provide users with conditions positively influencing their health and well-being. Employers care about improvements in air quality, lighting, water or vegetation.




Creating a sustainable working environment is often a long-term and costly process. At the same time, some of the changes that take ESG into account can be implemented immediately and at low cost, quickly achieving benefits within the company. Living plants are an excellent way to arrange an office in which employees will feel more comfortable. Greenery improves air quality, optimises humidity, calms and tranquilises. The interior becomes friendly, warm, less formal - more homely.  


Vertical gardens, i.e. vertical compositions of plants on walls, can be ideally suited to the space of a particular office or commercial space such as a hotel, warehouse or service outlet. Another option is mobile furniture with live plants, which is an excellent alternative to traditional partition walls, usually used in open space. Green furniture, which can be moved, allows for optimal use of usable space, but also perfectly fits into the concept of flexible design. Arranging interiors with a plant wall or furniture with a built-in vertical mini-garden is an attractive, natural decoration and at the same time a subtle but clearly noticeable signal that the company is close to ESG ideals.  



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