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Commendation for mobility - 4Nature Basic green walls

The approach to working in an office has undergone a significant transformation recently, with the hybrid model becoming an inherent variant of how a company operates. Flexibility and mobility are currently important aspects of modern arrangements - both open space and office layouts. The green sliding walls of 4Nature Basic fit in perfectly with current trends.






Functionality is the overriding objective we strive for when furnishing an office space. The seamlessness of work, efficient communication, ergonomics, and the economical use of available space - all these elements ultimately translate into benefits for the company. The trend for open-plan office space design, present in Poland since the 1990s,

was intended to streamline the activities of employees: to facilitate communication between them and establish relationships, accelerate decision-making, and foster creativity. And yet, while open space has many advantages, it also has its disadvantages - including reduced privacy or constant noise, which makes it difficult to concentrate. So what solutions help to furnish open-plan office spaces better?





Special furniture systems work well in modern office design. They provide a way of dividing up the space to accommodate the different needs of employees. Cubicles - a kind of mini-office or telephone booth - enable people to focus on their work or have a business conversation in private. The social areas, on the other hand, are equipped so that they are conducive to the preparation of meals and for spontaneous discussions. Relaxation zones arranged using armchairs and sofas with soft seating are also becoming increasingly popular. However, this furniture can be used for relaxation and working in a comfortable position, in a changing environment and in a less formal atmosphere. An essential feature of the installation is its modularity - components can be used in different locations, rooms, and, if required, in various buildings.




The 4Nature Basic green walls are part of a line of ready-made mobile furniture with living plants. It is a simple and multifunctional solution. Furniture with a vertical garden conforms with the tenets of flexible office environment design and the idea of sustainability.



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