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How to design office greenery? Practical tips

It has always been known that living plants influence the perception of the interior. The research conducted on behalf of 4Nature System in cooperation with PLGBC and Silesian University of Technology in 10 offices in Warsaw proves that the users of interiors filled with plants experience the improvement of air quality and humidity, of their well-being as well as working comfort. How to introduce greenery into the office?

4Nature System was analysing the impact of plants on office staff for 12 weeks in 10 big Warsaw companies.

Research results are beyond any doubts – they confirm positive influence of nature on staff comfort, quality of working environment and thus – also on their activity.

Noticeable productivity increase was 17 percent, while 62 percent of respondents noticed the increase in work efficiency, 84% claimed their well-being improved and stress level decreased and 88 confirmed increased working comfort. What is more, living plants have a significant influence on the quality and humidity of the air – the improvement in this area was noticed by 80 percent of those surveyed. As a result, the majority of them i.e., as many as 88 percent, want to work with plants at maximum proximity to their workplace – these were the conclusions by 4Nature Systems after conducting the analysis of 10 Warsaw offices from the point of view of the influence of the presence of plants on staff well-being.

The more greenery we introduce into the interior, the more effective its positive influence is. Only when designed properly, the greenery will be easy to maintain and will make the users feel more comfortable by reducing anxiety, boosting concentration and creativity. How to avoid mistakes in the arrangement of office spaces with the use of greenery?

How to design office greenery properly?

What should be taken into consideration if we want to design office greenery properly, with staff well-being in mind?

  1. We should plan the greenery already at office design stage and remember about the light.

  2. Greenery should be planned close to people.

  3. Sustainable and automated systemic solutions are necessary.

  4. We should accumulate plants in groups.

  5. The design should ensure easy plant care, with future maintenance costs in mind.

  6. Greenery should be adjusted to the needs of a flexible office.   

Planning plants already at the design stage

In order for office plants to have a noticeable effect on the staff, it should be arranged in appropriate quantity and locations. At the same time, its maintenance should be easy – it is necessary to ensure the access to the plants and maximum automation. Composition is important as well, and plants are a pleasant and versatile decorative material for all styles, even modern ones. It is possible to achieve such a complex effect by taking plants into consideration already at early design stages, which will make it possible for example to properly arrange water and electricity connections.

Even though numerous 4Nature System – for example plants furniture line Smart Green solutions can be introduced at any moment, also into the already functioning office, we have definitely more options at the design stage. The access to proper lighting is of utmost important and it is not worth making savings here. Without it the plants will grow slowly and may soon get sick and die down. We should also remember about appropriate space for the root clump. The pots that are not big enough may undermine the intended spectacular effect and limit the possibilities of future replanting and growth. The more we think about plants in the interior, the more arrangement flexibility we have and future maintenance becomes easier.

Greenery planned close to people

In order to optimize the influence of plants, it is necessary to arrange it close to where people usually remain. In this way staff members will be constantly surrounded by it and it will be present in their life. Open space partition walls, a green wall in the conference hall, well-room or relaxation zone constitute perfect spaces and solutions including living plants.

Introducing sustainable and systemic solutions

Achieving specific air humidity and quality parameters depends on adjusting plant proportion to interior capacity, existing conditions, expected temperature and of course the number of staff members. We are able to achieve optimal parameters only by adopting a systemic approach towards plants and using systemic solutions. At 4Nature Systems we have created a calculator that makes it possible to precisely define plant surface (m2) that should be introduced into the designed apace in order to obtain desired air humidity.

It is also necessary to remember about the quality and durability of solutions applied. Extended product life will make the users not only satisfied with the visual effect, but also grateful for flawless and low-cost exploitation.

jak zaprojektować zieleń w biurze

Accumulating plants in groups

Vertical greenery systems ensure endless options for using vertical spaces and filling the surface optimally. At the same time, we also obtain an important compositional potential for accumulating the greenery. The plants, while in groups, just like pixels in a picture, will ensure the effect incomparable to randomly dispersed pots and their maintenance will become much easier.

Long-term perspective for maintenance and care

Properly designed greenery should be convenient and economical in its further maintenance. Systemic attitude constitutes another asset here – it makes it possible to accumulate the greenery and ensure optimal solutions not only when it comes to watering, but also lighting and controlling with the use of IoT technology. Complicated designs, for example plants under the ceiling and additionally above desks, will hinder the access of light and the watering will become very problematic. It will also result in unnecessary increase of maintenance costs. Efficient design with positive impact on staff members in mind assumes large surfaces and they should be easy to maintain. Systemic greenery controlled remotely by a mobile application saves time and money.

Flexibility also when it comes to greenery

In a modern office the space can be freely rearranged according to the needs. Solutions concerning the introduced greenery should comply with flexible design principles.

Systemic greenery is mobile and its agility is guaranteed by modular structure. Modularity and durability constitute basic assumptions of 4Nature System that enable the designing of unique large-format compositions retaining high mobility.

We can rearrange the modules at any time, extend the composition or move its elements into another section of the office. In this way the greenery follows people and their needs and as we have already mentioned, the proximity of plants has a beneficial effect on staff well-being.


Even though we know more and more about the positive effects of living plants on working comfort and well-being of office staff, the challenge still consists in introducing the greenery in a way to ensure desired effects.

With efficient interior design in mind, 4Nature System is organizing in cooperation with the Helvar company and with the support of PLGBC the meetings within the cycle DESIGN THE INVISIBLE – FROM LOOK & FEEL TO WELL. Within their framework, we will talk among others with architects, designers, Facility and Office managers about appropriate planning of sustainable and friendly space.

We are willing to share with you our knowledge in the area of practical aspects of biophilic design, designing the invisible that influences the quality of work, well-being and positive space perception. Follow the profile of the meeting and notifications about upcoming events.

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