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Vertical gardens - select only proven solutions

Vertical gardens - select only proven solutions

The green wall can be an extraordinary decoration of both our interiors and the facade of the building. To create a unique work of art, all you need is a good design and selection of the right plant species. Unfortunately, too often there are situations in which due to the use of improper or poorly developed systems and technologies, these beautiful gardens simply die. It is therefore always worth to choose services of experienced professionals who will make sure that the plant wall created by them is always enchanting with its appearance.


The system and its maintenance


Developing a concept of a good irrigation system for a vertical garden is one of the most important tasks faced by its designer. It must be refined in every detail so that it turns out to be not only effective, but also economical. It may seem that the system used for the green wall in the Islington municipality in London met these conditions. Unfortunately, the reality turned out to be different.
The wall, unveiled in 2005, was the pride of the region, and for its maintenance, the municipality spent 6,000 pounds each year. This, however, did not protect it from a disaster caused, obviously, by a human error. The wall was equipped with a system recovering water for irrigation of plants, which should perfectly fulfil its task. It turned out, however, that the people responsible for its maintenance lacked knowledge about how to care for this type of the system. As a consequence, there was a failure. Plants did not receive enough amount of water and just died. Fortunately, the municipal council decided that the wall would be replanted with new plants, so the vertical garden would still be the pride of this place. The costs of such a treatment, however, are enormous, and yet such a situation could have been avoided.


Regular maintenance


When deciding to create a vertical garden, its owners must be aware that it requires continuous work, just like traditional gardens cultivated by us. A lot of people or organisations do not think about it when they order the creation of a right project and its implementation on selected walls. As you can guess, the effects of such an action can be very unpleasant and also costly.
A great example here is the green wall created at the Aquarium in Vancouver which has even been awarded for its extremely successful design. It may seem that people responsible for its maintenance should have adequate knowledge on its care. Unfortunately, the reality turned out to be quite different. Their incompetence led to the fact that the wall died twice and twice was planted again in order to restore its original appearance. One can only imagine how large the costs associated with this type of works were, and yet this money could have been allocated to the implementation of appropriate conservation works of such a vertical garden.

The solution to this problem is meticulous observance of maintenance instructions, which should be handed over to investors by a company installing such a garden. You can also order such a service in the company from which you have bought the garden or another one that has this knowledge.


Suitable protections


People who are interested in plants and like growing them are aware that their regular maintenance, consistent with the needs of a particular species, is the only way to success. Therefore, in the case of vertical gardens, their irrigation systems play such an important role. Unfortunately, it must be remembered that even perfectly designed systems may be subject to failures. Therefore, it is so important to be quickly informed about the problem in this case, because it will allow us to act quickly.?
The owners of such a garden in Oregon have found out how important it may be to use at least a system alarming about the green wall humidity drop. Unfortunately, the failure of the irrigation system in this case occurred on a very hot day. Lack of information about the fact that the plants do not receive the right amount of water caused the death of representatives of one of the species used in the green wall. Other plants also wilted a bit and were not attractive for a long time. However, if the possibility of using an appropriate humidity monitoring system had been taken into account, the garden could have been watered by hand in time.
Such warning systems can, however, be quite expensive, which is why the plants themselves, more sensitive than others to lack of water, are a good indicator. If we install such a plant wall and invest considerable funds, it is worth to inspect such a wall at least once a week. For example, in the office, we can appoint a person whose task is to devote 20 minutes once a week to observing symptoms that may indicate specific problems and possibly checking the humidity randomly in several places.


Proven solutions from professionals


As you can see from the examples above, sometimes lack of knowledge or various omissions can destroy even the most beautiful vertical garden. It is therefore worth choosing to use the services of real professionals who provide us with the best solutions and provide knowledge about the maintenance of such a green wall.
Therefore, based on our experience, we offer our customers meticulously designed and proven systems. Already at the stage of planning, we cooperated with the Industrial Design Institute in Warsaw, and then we took care of an appropriate inspection of the system, which was undertaken by the Research Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice. Thanks to this, we are sure that we give you a perfectly working product, as evidenced by already completed projects. Solutions applied in them, such as, for example, drip irrigation lines with drip heads and pressure balance with an appropriate water flow, led into each pocket, guarantee a uniform watering within a short time, and also small water losses. However, the combination of plastic with a permeable synthetic non-woven fabric in the pocket construction significantly increases the durability of the panels compared to those made only of non-woven fabric as well as allows long-term use of the garden and trouble-free possible replacement of plants at the time of their ageing or the desire to change the composition.
However, difficulties in maintaining a vertical garden should not scare us away. A good system will significantly help us and will make the easy care and admiring of such a garden just a pleasure.

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