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Interesting domestic plants that are perfect for a green wall

Interesting domestic plants that are perfect for a green wall

Concurrently with the development of research regarding the impact of vegetation in the rooms on our health and well-being, there is also a growing number of solutions that can be used to let nature into its interior. The so-called green walls - vertical gardens that allow to place a lot of greenery even in a very limited space are a perfect choice. Find out why it is worth investing in this form of vegetation and get to know interesting domestic plants that will perfectly supplement your beautiful composition.


A green wall with domestic plants - why is it worth it?


The concept of a green wall goes back to ancient times - it can be associated with the famous hanging gardens of Babylon. Vertical gardens have adopted a modern form in the 1930s in the works of prof. Stanley Hart White. The landscape architect patented the first green wall but this solution was popularised by the botanist - Patrick Blanc - only in the 1980s. In order to plant the vertical surface inside the building, it is necessary to select the appropriate domestic plants - those that will adapt to the conditions in the room and will be able to grow in the vertical system.
Before we suggest what specific plants to consider, let's look at the advantages of vertical gardens. It has been proven that the presence and the view of greenery has a huge impact on the health and comfort of people. ?Plants reduce stress, have undoubtedly aesthetic qualities, reduce noise levels and improve well-being. Thanks to the photosynthesis process, they assimilate carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. They also improve air quality by removing impurities, and more specifically, the absorption of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). So far researchers have studied 60 species of plants that have shown the ability to remove benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and sometimes even xylene. When selecting species for the green wall, it is worth not only to consider the aesthetic values ?and the ease of cultivation, but also the purifying abilities of specific species.
In addition to the fact that the vertical garden will help to clean and moisturise the air, as well as absorb dusts, it is also an easy and quick solution for care. ??The automatic irrigation system simplifies cultivation even more. When choosing a green wall in a room or office, you will not only provide yourself with an exclusive design element and company of plants throughout the year, but also save space. For example, the product 4Nature Basic S3-2-4 with the dimensions of 117 x 186 cm can fit up even 96 plants in its pockets. Just imagine how long a window sill would have to be to contain 96 pots...


Domestic plants for a vertical garden for every budget


?1) Spider plant - also called airplane plant - is one of the species that perfectly support air purification in the room. It acts as a filter that strongly absorbs harmful substances and pathogenic microorganisms. It moisturises the air, and at the same time produces oxygen and so-called phytoncides (which fight bacteria, prot?ozoa and fungi). This wide decorative plant is always a good idea, and for allergy sufferers ?and people with pulmonary disease - even the preferred design element. Leaves with white discolourations beautifully supplement the vertical garden.
2) Philodendron scandens - a very popular domestic plant; not very demanding vine with bright green, heart shaped leaves. It strongly cleans the air, which is why it is often chosen as an element of a green wall. Its variety is the 'Brazil' wide philodendron scandens  - it has characteristic leaves with yellow discolourations and plays not only a cleaning but also a decorative role.
3) Epipremnum aureum? - one more formaldehyde fighter that also absorbs benzene and carbon monoxide. The climbing plant having leaves with yellow discolouration beautifully decorates the interior, and at the same time it is extremely easy for cultivation. It is worth to consider placing a different type of Epipremnum in your vertical garden, namely the N'Joy variety. Its leaves are more decorative (they have white “flames” on small leaves), and it is a really hanging plant.
4) Ficus pumila - has small wavy ovate leaves. It perfectly supplements all floral compositions. This widespread species performs well in apartments and in the company of other species, which makes it a good candidate for a vertical garden.
5) 'Ellen Danica' - a very durable room plant with evergreen vines, woody stems and shiny decorative leaves - however requiring a lot of light. It will add lightness to every composition.

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