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Green wall step by step

Green wall step by step

Find out how we implement orders and what the process of creating vertical gardens looks like step by step! Learn the five steps to success.
The implementation of orders in the 4Nature System - Wertykalni consists of 5 main steps. First, we receive an enquiry and discuss the preliminary draft with the customer. Then we prepare an offer and sign a contract. Later we develop an individual project that corresponds to the previous assumptions. The last two steps are installation and maintenance.


1. Conduct of preliminary discussions


As soon as we receive the enquiry, a few basic issues are determined with the customer. Initial assumptions are useful to prepare an approximate cost estimate. A lot of elements affect the final price of the service. The width and height of the green wall are the most important of course, but the list is long.
We learn where to create a vertical garden and how exactly the chosen wall looks like. We always ask the customer about sewage conditions, e.g. if the drain and water connections can be made. If not, this is not a problem, we will prepare an irrigation system in the closed circulation. We are also interested in lighting conditions - that is why we make sure that ceiling lamps can be mounted at a suitable distance from the wall (approx. 1.5 metre). Such seemingly insignificant details are very important if we want to prepare an offer.


2. Completing the formalities


Based on the received data, we can make a specific offer to the customer. When the cost estimate is accepted, we sign a contract. At this stage, we already know the initial implementation date and terms of cooperation. Usually, we manage to set a wall about a month after paying the first installment.
Not only we have duties - the investor must also fulfill the key conditions. If they are not fulfilled, we will not be able to do our work properly. First of all, the customer must make sure that the wall is suitable to be transformed into a vertical garden. It is, among others, appropriate load capacity, waterproofing layer and easy access to a socket. The investor must also confirm that we will be able to install lighting and undertakes to ensure a few issues in advance. This applies both to the uninstallation of the slats and to providing the basic infrastructure for the irrigation system.


3. Creation of an individual project


Only when we complete all the formalities, we can proceed to the right creative part of the work, that is to design. We prepare a concept of the green wall from scratch, we choose various plants and arrange a unique composition. Usually, we take into account guidelines of the customer, the inspirations and selected species. If we have a free hand, we are happy to make some suggestions - our arrangements are limited only by our imagination and a set of species tested on green walls (more standard plants from the first price group and more sophisticated species from the second price group).


4. Installation


We offer a comprehensive service. We not only provide system solutions, but also install previously prepared compositions. Therefore, when the customer approves the project, and a convenient date for both parties is set, our installation team is present on site. In the case of larger implementations, we start the project properly earlier. First, we prepare the entire structure, and only just before the construction is finished, we button everything up and put the selected plants in the pockets. Thanks to this, the plants are fresh and present perfectly just before completion of the investment.


5. Maintenance of plants


Although it may seem that our work ends with the installation, we still have one more important task. Since we want our customers to be fully satisfied with our gardens, we always emphasise the importance of plant maintenance. A well kept, regularly maintained and cared wall will remain in perfect condition for years.
The first maintenance is conducted after one month since planting flowers. We check how the plants cope in a new place - whether they have already taken root, we check new shoots and if there is the right amount of water.
On the customer's request, we continue the maintenance of the vertical garden. In such a case we arrive once a month - we check the irrigation system, clean filters, care for plants. Usually, it's enough to trim and clean them. From time to time, we use fertilisers and preventive sprays. If any of the plants cannot grow in the given conditions, we replace them with new ones. The maintenance cost is calculated for 1 m2 of the green wall. Of course, these are not compulsory expenditures - if the customer prefers, they can do it themselves. The most important thing is to take minimal care of the plants and give the garden some time, then it will repay you with a beautiful look!

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