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Our expert Beata Dziedzic on the polish television program

Beata Dziedzic w TVP1 w programie Gen Innowacyjności

1 December on the TVP1 programme “Innovation Gene,” our expert, Beata Dziedzic had the pleasure to speak on how, combining good design, plants and advanced technology may incorporate nature into the raw corporate interior.


What is vertical farming of plants? What are the advantages of vertical gardens over the popular form of cultivation in pots? Nature in the office; does it really work? Can plants improve concentration even up to 15%, reduce stress and increase the effectiveness of employees? Beata Dziedzic responds to these and many more questions posed by Petros Psyllos. She also presents the central assumptions of the ongoing research on the impact of plants on office workers, which is a component of a broader research and development project. Its primary goal is to create a unique line of furniture dedicated to the commercial interior, including offices with a built-in vertical garden system and air filtration. The project is co-financed by the EU from the funds of the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Smart Growth 2014-2020, Priority 1: Support for project implementation R+D, Measures 2.1: “Sectoral programmes R+D”, Sectoral programme: "WoodINN”, where the intermediary institution is the National Centre for Research and Development.


The “Innovation Gene” programme is the project of one of Poland’s most fascinating innovator and IT specialist of the young generation, 24 years old Petros Psyllos. The invitation to the programme is proof that our solutions are perceived as modern and innovative. Thank you! It motivates and encourages further development and work on new, innovative solutions.

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