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It's time for a green revolution: meet the Silver Queen plant rack

Silver Queen

While working on the 4Nature Smart Green collection, our goal was to develop comprehensive solution that can be adapted to the needs of a given office. Hereby we would like to present first prototype of a new furniture  - the Silver Queen. We have borrowed this grateful name from the aglaonema plants variety with ornamental, silver-coloured leaves. 

The wall-mounted Silver Queen is a narrow option of furniture, that easily fit into passageways. The possibility of joining together allows to adjust the width of the furniture to the needs of the specific office space. The steel support frame can be filled with freely arranged items: plants in modules, shelves, acoustic and decorative panels to choose from. Structure of the furniture is made in the form of a full vertical garden.

Light construction and various configuration options, along with an automatic irrigation and control system (4Nature System) are the main advantages of the Silver Queen. 

Keep your finger on the pulse - we will soon present you more green furniture.

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