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Challenges of post-COVID times and biophilic design

Challenges of post-COVID times and biophilic design

Today, companies face new challenges - one of them is to prepare offices for the return of employees. In order for the working conditions to be safe, healthy and comfortable, it is worth looking for modern solutions for separating space, especially for open space. Vertical gardens and plant office furniture are the answer to these needs.

The pandemic and growing social distance increase the problems of depression and chronic stress. In many industries, remote work is good only as a temporary solution - due to the mental well-being of employees and the interests of companies, the prospect of hybrid work is becoming more and more real. In our guest article for Propertynews.pl , we consider whether - or rather how - the COVID times will accelerate the green revolution.

If you are interested in what trends will prevail in the preparation of offices for the return of employees and how the elements of biophilic design translate into their well-being, read the article!

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