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4Nature System research on air humidity optimisation

4nature system research on air humidity optimisation

We have commenced new research and development work - this time around, we are testing five plant species that best humidify the air. We intend to ascertain the number and distribution of plants that will ensure the most effective room humidification. Our goal is to improve indoor air quality parameters and provide the healthiest possible working conditions by harnessing the potential of biophilic design.

Dry air in office spaces has devastating effects on health and well-being, which also affects employee productivity. Insufficient humidity results in dryness of mucous membranes (eyes, nose, throat), severe headaches, and increased susceptibility to infections (ranging from flu to COVID). There is a strong need to improve air humidity while optimising operating costs effectively.

We believe that system greenery is the solution to these problems and that green walls and furniture with built-in vegetation can successfully support systems integrated with HVAC and substitute traditional stand-alone humidifiers. The research will take a full year to complete - we will provide updates on its progress.

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