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3 features distinguishing the 4Nature Smart Green furniture line

3 features distinguishing the 4Nature Smart Green furniture line

The new 4Nature Smart Green furniture line, like our other designs, combines live vegetation with innovative technology. Which three features best reflect its uniqueness?

1. Modularity - Architects, Designers and Users can use individual structural elements and equipment like Lego blocks, creating sets tailored to the needs and requirements of a given space. The furniture can be configured, joined, and easily modified over time by replacing individual parts.

2. Durability and less waste - we use durable, ecological materials (steel, aluminium, MDF board) for the construction and production of furniture, and recycled materials for the production of the modules themselves. Thanks to this, the 4Nature Smart Green is a line of long-lasting furniture. In addition, the ease of installation and uninstallation means that they can be used a lot of times, also in the event of a removal, change of the arrangement or the office owner. They are absolutely not disposable products - on the contrary, the rental option means that many users can use the same furniture for a lot of years.

3. Innovative technology - our proprietary, modular 4NatureSystem with automatic irrigation and control as well as energy-saving lighting allows to reduce plant maintenance costs and activities to a minimum. In addition, the sensors test all the most important parameters of the internal environment: temperature level, air humidity, PM 2.5 and CO2.

With 4Nature Smart Green you can bring vertical vegetation even closer to your workplaces, without losing valuable space, office functionality, and finally time or money to maintain greenery.

*The furniture line is made as part of the "Innovative furniture system for commercial spaces with an integrated vertical garden system" project. The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020.

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