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One million zlotys from Simpact VC for the development of the 4Nature Smart Green line

One million zlotys from Simpact VC for the development of the 4Nature Smart Green line

We are happy to announce that we have obtained one million zlotys from the Simpact VC fund for the development of the plant line of the 4Nature Smart Green office furniture. Our company's mission - helping to create healthy, sustainable offices and enabling safe return to work in the post-covid era - is in line with the consistently implemented investment strategy of Simpact.

The positive impact of the project on society and the environment is the key criterion for obtaining the money. Office furniture which combines IoT technology and living nature meets this requirement completely: it affects the well-being of employees, facilitates the care of plants and supports the division of the open space. The environmentally-friendly solution in the spirit of less waste generates low maintenance costs, consumes minimum amounts of water and electricity, is made with the use of secondary raw materials and is available in a subscription model, which enables its multiple use.

The obtained funds will help us introduce the 4Nature Smart Green line to the market, cover the costs of marketing activities, as well as carry out further research and development works. They will be focused on optimising the humidity in offices through the appropriate arrangement of modular furniture with an integrated vertical garden.

We are proud that we are supported by the first investment fund in Poland based on impact investing, which has such extensive experience in projects with a positive environmental and social impact.

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