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Relaxation zone

  • Investment: one of the largest

  • bookshop chains in Poland

  • City: Warsaw

  • Place: Resting area

  • Year: 2016

For one of the largest bookshops in Poland, we have arranged the space for relaxation and rest for employees. Greenery naturally soothes the senses, reduces the level of stress, which is why the relaxation zone is filled with stabilised vegetation and live plants, thanks to which the room perfectly fulfils the role of a safe relaxing haven and provides the employees with tranquillity through direct contact with nature.

We have designed a moss wall made in an organic shape, using a few shades of green. We have arranged them in irregular waves to stimulate curiosity and obtain the effect of depth. Just a few minutes in its surroundings is enough to feel the inner peace and calm the senses. We have also applied natural greenery, loosely falling from a ceiling beam and lush potted flowers.

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