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Green wall made of the forest moss in the orangery

  • Investment: Villa in Wilanów

  • City: Warsaw

  • Zone: Orangery

  • Year: 2018

The private space of houses is increasingly opening to green solutions using them in the interior design. We have made a green wall with stabilised plants and moss tufts. The place where the wall is installed is an extremely atmospheric orangery with lots of daylight that flows through the glazed windows mounted from the ceiling to the floor. Exactly the same layout is copied in the design of the green moss wall. The niche with shelves visible in the picture has been filled with books and souvenirs valuable for the householders. We have applied two types of moss in a classic colour. Pole moss, also called cushion moss, prevails and creates characteristic, semicircular bulges, and gives the wall a three-dimensional and non-obvious texture. In some places flat moss breaks through and creates contrasting darker and flat areas. In addition, the surrounding for the green wall in the form of dark wood with visible grains has created a very original and organic composition adding originality to the interior.

green wall made of the forest moss in the orangery

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