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Forest moss in the form of a geometric decoration

  • Investment: Alchemia Complex

  • City: Gdańsk

  • Zone: Lobby

  • Year: 2017

The Gdańsk Alchemia Complex located in Oliwa district is currently the largest business centre in northern Poland. The complex consists of over 50 companies employing over 8,000 employees. Our task was to integrate the vegetation into a geometric wall decoration. Thanks to the use of different shades of moss, it was possible to emphasise the modernist gray wall which is most often used in the business centre designs.

Panels made of forest moss are arranged in geometric lines and are divided into irregular figures. We have applied two types of moss: flat and pole. The geometric form emphasised the modern nature of the interior, and thanks to the use of moss, it was possible to bring environment into the interior. It all reflects the nature of the place and is its best showcase.

forest moss in the form of a geometric decoration

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