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Phillips office

  • Designer: Xplan Sp. z o.o.

  • City: Warsaw

  • Year: August 2016

  • Area: 5.6 m2

The geometric design of the wall of reindeer lichen was made for the Warsaw branch of Philips. On one hand, it is an interesting challenge, and on the other proof that we can make arrangements in absolutely any shape with moss and lichen. In this project, the geometric, asymmetrical decoration made according to the Xplan design decorated the relaxation zone. The design referred to the overall arrangement of the office, in which the motif of triangles appeared on both the wall and the glass ceiling, and seems to take impressively large dimensions.

The office of Philips Lighting in Warsaw was designed based on the Activity-Based Workspace strategy in which lighting, geometry, selection of colours and the use of nature have a positive effect on the well-being and creativity of employees. Thanks to the original decoration, the interior looks modern and energetic.

phillips office

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