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Arranging the reception interior at Bayer

  • Investment: Bayer
  • City: Warsaw
  • Zone: representative and relaxation area at the reception
  • Year: 2019
  • Area: 16m2 green wall, 11 plant pots


We have prepared for one of our clients - Bayer - an interior arrangement of the reception desk based on a geometric composition. The perpendicular walls covered with living plants created an open square composition. The luxuriant and diverse species of vegetation perfectly highlights the entrance to the reception area. Furthermore, specialised illumination emphasises the depth of colours and structure of the plants, while creating conditions for their development. The illuminated company logo integrated into the vegetation enhances the three-dimensional effect.

The surface of the office building has also been enriched with potted vegetation, such as a two-coloured Epipremnum placed linearly along the walls, creating a natural row of living plants. The resulting composition of plants is harmonious and amplifies the character of the place as well as the function of the reception area. Additionally, the complexity of the texture and colour of the plants perfectly accentuates the colours of the furniture. The use of vegetation in this part of the company's office gives visitors waiting, a sense of security and moment of relaxation often derived from contact with nature.

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