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Living plant wall in the conference room

Investment: Zimmerman i Wspólnicy Sp.K.
City: Warszawa
Zone: Konferenzraum -> Conference room
Year: March 2019
Area: 23m2

Luxuriance, contrast, greenery and nature - these are just some of the terms that come to mind at the sight of our subsequent project in Warsaw's Mokotów district. The vertical wall made of living plants welcomes and draws the attention of guests in the conference room. It is designed to better serve representative functions, stimulate and foster creativity. All this is accompanied by a beneficial effect on human health because as we all know, green is life.

Diverse plant species were used in the project - especially in terms of colour and leaf shape. The bright and well-lit space in the hall perfectly highlights the qualities of the green wall. The species merge gradually, creating an interesting and impressive pattern. Bathed in lush vegetation full of green tones, the beautiful red flowers of the Anthurium plant take centre stage. They accentuate the whole and create an interesting 3D effect. In turn, the white-flowering wings of the Spathiphyllum plant soften up the composition and stimulate to action.

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