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Flat and pole forest moss walls in Business Link

Investment: Business Link
City: Poznań
Zone: Common spaces
Year: December 2017
Area: 259m2

Currently, greenery in interiors does not only mean live plants and vertical gardens, but also walls made of stabilised moss. Mosses used in our projects are of natural origin, and their life processes have been stopped in time, therefore they do not require care. Such solutions work great with large areas, as in the case of our customer from Poznań - Business Link.

At the customer’s request we made large-format walls of flat and polemoos forest moss. The idea when creating the composition was to refer to gently flowing rain drops. Green moss walls decorate the interiors in the passageways as well as relaxation and eating areas. They constitute a substitute for nature and forest in the interior. As a natural element moss harmonizes well with the floor made of wood. In addition to the representative function, the walls also fulfil pro-health functions.

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