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Green wall in the reception and leisure area

Investment: H&M  
City: Warsaw
Zone: reception and recreation space
Year: April 2019
Area: 18,80 m2

We have prepared a proposal of two vertical walls with a total area of 18.8 m2 for one of the Warsaw offices of our client, the Swedish clothing enterprise H&M (Hennes & Mauritz} Sp. z o.o. The green walls made of living plants are located on two levels, one of which is a welcome and representative element at the reception area, while the second embellishes the open recreational space located near the workstations.

The vegetation on both walls include species of diversified colour and leaf shape. The smaller wall, which welcomes visitors at the reception desk, features additional red flowering plants so that they relate in colour to the company logo located in the front part of the counter. The larger wall in the open space creates a lush clump effect. It is a substitute for nature in the interior. It perfectly emphasises the space, and at the same time relieves stress, calms and pleases the eye.

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