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Green wall - climbing plants with furniture finishing

City: Warsaw
Zone: office area
Year: November 2017 
Area: 10 m2

For the apartment developer leading in the Warsaw market, we have prepared several offers for green walls that enrich and enliven the interior. Vegetation increases the quality of space and has a good impact on the microclimate.

Green walls filled with plants climbing up a stand decorate the reception. They are a great decorative element, combined with the company logo. Placed on its both sides, they separate a piece that somehow emerges into the foreground. Another two vertical walls are placed in the open leisure space.

Their location is not accidental because vegetation is favorable for relaxation, improves concentration and de-stresses. That is why the last of the walls is placed in the office space. In addition to the obvious decorative and health functions, the wall gives the interior an original look, and live plants bring humans closer to nature.

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