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Green wall in the Kimi Sushi restaurant

Investment: Kimi Shushi
City: Warsaw
Zone: Catering area
Year: November 2017 
Area: 7,84 m2

We like eating delicious food, but in addition to it, the surrounding environment in which we eat is equally important. Atmospheric lighting, a nicely set table, a spacious interior seem to be the key to success. But what would such an interior be without an addition of vegetation? That is why we took care of the plant element by creating a green wall for one of Warsaw's restaurants - Kimi Shushi in Wilanów.

By creating a wall of live plants, we wanted to bring a substitute for nature into the interior. We managed it thanks to the use of plants, mostly uniformly green ones. Their structure is compact, which at the same time is not flat, but structurally diverse. Modernly designed space, where white and gray dominate, did not require excessive quantity of decorations, but only enhancement. That is why contrasting and flowering species were not applied in the composition of the wall arrangement - plants in shades of green sufficiently enlivened the space. The green wall, in addition to the decorative function, ensures a sense of calmness, relaxation and freshness.

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